Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | January 23, 2017

…Nothing is more modest than nature

प्रकृते सुकुमारतरं न कश्चिद्स्तीति मे मतिर्भवति ..


Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | September 7, 2015

The End of Masculine theology

निरस्तकुहकं सत्यं परम धीमही !

The issue that I had taken forward in my previous post is being thought in the context of masculine metaphysics, epistemology and sexuality.  I would contemplate on the Puranik Raas Leela that Hindu King-God had performed with few selected cowherd women or Gopis on a full moon night in the deep forests near Vrindavana of Vraja.  But before entering in to it, let’s read what Veda Vyasa had promised us?

“निगमकल्पत्रोर्गालितं फलं शुकमुखादमृतद्रवसंयुक्तं !
पिबत भागवतं रसमालययं मुहुरहो रसिका भुवि भावुकाः!!“

This verse is written in the beginning of Purana, in it he had promised us to deliver a text full of rasa which is literally translated as pleasure and strictly philosophically as aesthetic pleasure or bliss. Secondly, the pleasure of the text does not come from the outside; it is obtained from the fruit that grows upon the tree called “Nigam-kalptaru” i.e. from a tradition of texts. pt313 Read More…

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