Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | January 2, 2015

What is to be done!

Hindutva can never free itself from its lumpenism and parasitism because it is the ideology of a irrational conservative petty bourgeois and its reactionary mercantilism. Its reclaimatory political and religious-cultural activism is a pseudo activism without truth content; it is vacuous, rhetorical and grounded on hypocrisy and lies. Hindutva’s emotional outburst of Hindu cultural nationalism too is dubious and hypocritical in the light of truth. In relation to the movement of world capitalism it does not fit either in its conservative and backward socio-cultural theory or in its practice . How can Indian bourgeois progress under Hindutva lumpenism which is through and through nonsensical and anti-progress? Hindutva in khaki nikker are the worst imitation of fascists in their collective clamour,hypocrisy and lies. Their character traits are similar to that of German Nazis except that it is not original. Hindutva of a class of petty bourgeois largely associated with small business and specific class interest is in fact a bad imitation of Nazis. We can understand it only by analyzing the personality traits and speeches of its leaders. Let’s looks at Narendra Modi who is the supreme commander of khaki-nikker Fascists of RSS-BJP combined. He does not speak different than Nazis. His demogogical speeches are similar to them; it is like montage that are empty shell’, random collection of lies,laden with gobbledygook and fragments of nonsense which are soled by petty bourgeois journalists of a bourgeois media. The abstract pacifism with a shallow pragmatism and a vulgar asceticism with its vulgar materialism is liked by the bazaar bourgeoisie and nonsensically propagandized by culturally backward petty-bourgeois of all color and belief. Modi’s objectivism that is largely void and lies is heiled with what was subjective in it.

In 2014 Lok Sabha election Modi promised to bear entire responsibility to the people of this nation but since the day he took PM’s responsibility, He is silent on all major issues. He is silent on riots engineered by his own brethren in bhagwa and khaki-nikker. He is silent on rape which has risen seven fold since he became PM. He is silent for weeks on the forceful religious conversion done by his lumpen Hindutva. He has been silent on terrorist and Maoist attacks and has been indifferent to the tragedy that had recently shaken Chattisgarh. In eight months of governance he has failed India’s economy with GDP going down and unable to bring down the prices of essential commodities. He had preferred to be a peon of the people but since the first day at PMO he is confined to establishing his supremacy over everything. He had promised to bring real changes but he attempts to change nothing except attempting to fascisize autonomous institutions of the country. Modi is a great simplifier of national problems, in speeches he used to reduce it to the lowest common denominator thus exhibiting his false magical powers.How badly he had duped the people is a case apart. Narendra addressed petty bourgeois’s forlorn perplexity caught up in the wheel of Indian dalal economy with 56″ chest with same liberalization economy of which UPA government is the champion. He promised to solve all economic problems with same unproductive dalal economy that is grounded on the import of foreign capital i.e FDI. Strangely enough the same petty bourgeois rallies behind him that was benefited the most during previous UPA government and the same petty bourgeoisie has gone mad with him, with his chauvinism and feudalistic values that was once upholder of modernist values. The pauperized petty bourgeoisie that once cherished freedom under the spell of cultural petty-bourgeois of dalal economy demands its own enslavement with others under bhagwa fascism led by lumpen Hindutva. Their watchword : reverence to ancient heritage and values , irrational rationalism, indigenous economy and a vulgar form of religiosity. It is their defense and affirmation both against the modern progressive politics and life. vulgar is good.protest-agnst-pk

The petty bourgeois women who wore bikini and romanced on beaches of Mumbai suddenly became religious and went for a Ganga bath as remorse of sin committed during modern times. Household petty bourgeois women lies in bed in morning and meditates, when gets time she goes in satsang and dances on vulgar bhajans reproduced by babas on Bollywood item numbers. The religious entertainment of pervert Babas and Sadhvis is vulgar and devoid of any substance but for the petty bourgeois women it is the only form of entertainment that is available to her and can be done without any social constraints. Petty bourgeois women have learned to be good ass and to be customized as per demands of patriarchy. She is ready to be circulated by feudal patriarchy that has converted them into mere whores. It may not be shocking for the bhagawa but fact is that it is their prostitution that has converted India into a whoreland that ranks 4th in prostitution. Apparently behind this religiosity there is something pornographic, a morbid pleasure of filth expressed at the other shore of petty bourgeoisie i.e in Bollywood where porn star surpasses every good sense actress. Now it is porn star that represents culture industry in the rape times of Hindutva. With the rise of Hindutva there is steep rise and expansion of pornography. Is it accidental that on google most searched after stars are two porn stars: one Hindutva porn star and another Sunny Leone ! The same petty bourgeois that searches Narendra Modi and elects him to uphold moral values of Raja Ram, searches more about Sunny Leone and watches her porn. Petty bourgeois as a whole in which media petty bourgeois included is largely superficial–its so called depth is a superficial dimension which is just a depth-nothing is found in it except lies and hypocrisy. The depth carries filth which is apparent everywhere from culture to politics. Hindutva is the house of filth. it is their depth that makes them write in favor of mass massacre and religious conversations done by lumpen Hindutva elements. Danik Jagaran columnists pour in hate in Hindi :supporting Hindutva lumpenism and their “ghar wapsi” program with their chauvinistic thinking as necessary thing to be done in self-defense. Minorities does not need self-defense, it is majority that needs it. A petty bourgeois named S.Shankar goes to the extent in journalistic chauvinism saying that religious conversion of Muslims into Hindus is the only solution for the end of jihad and terrorism. There is a pseudo heroism expressed in his journalism as in Modi’s speeches that fights with the situation created by the same. Hero of this petty bourgeoisie is a petty bourgeois of a lower class who was a tea seller with petty profiteering mentality who sells even ticket of his rallies and inspires them with it. He resurrects the conscience of petty paisa creatures that this petty bourgeois has been, as Kipling would say, in to a petty profiteer. He is a bastard representing the bastards bastardizing hitherto everything that belong to the ruling bourgeois themselves;he spares neither Gandhi nor Nehru nor the political inheritence that had some refinement at least in comparison to previous generations and the idiocy that bastards have brought us to the fore. _78228388_75018914The bastard writer and journalists are grouped in two categories: one cheerleader electronic media journalists who cry like whores and other who speak in fierce tongue at par with Narendra Modi and write with a pseudo nationalistic tone holding banners of FDI in their hand. There are yet another class of nationalists of foreign nationality who write from UK or USA in similar tone. A sudden fiercity and courage of these petty bourgeois journalists in despair has found expression with fiercity and false courage of Modi. There is a certain doggishness in their collective barking and it is collectively directed towards the political inheritance of Gandhi and Nehru. This is less apparent in English language media and more apparent in local Hindi language newspapers and media. The underlying impulse of these attacks are morality, sex, modern, progressiveness, feminism etc which is common ground of both liberal congress party and the Left liberal ideologies as a whole. Hindutva conservatism is backward and vulgar in all respect, it is poor even in its understanding of Hinduism and its culture. Lumpen are after everything with their trident and murdabaad. Nothing can grow on this soil.

Petty-bourgeois clamour grows stronger on everything progressive and new. There is a growing tendency to thwart progressive aspects of cultural life with fake superiority of Hindu mythic priestly life and culture. Hindutva lumpen have inherited some unknown characteristic of Hindu culture and imagined and fetishized it to the point of mythology. Everything falls under mythic category and everything is God’s words. Pujaris who have produced priestly stories kind of “satya narayan bhagwan ki katha” has obtained a mythic status. Cow is no more a cow, she is a mythic creature unfound anywhere in Hindu books. Cows of other countries are pigs not cows. Majority of Indian population drinks pig’s milk that has made them ill; it can be cured only when pigs are expelled from the subcontinent and cow begins to inhabit it. That which Hinduism had left behind as garbage is being revered as religious sublime. Mythic-archaic age in which a golden bird India lived and bore golden eggs has to be returned so that priestly time could be returned. Hindutva envisages a future in which villagers would have a cow-dung bank and its independent cow-dung economy. But it is not just a sheer idiocy, behind this irrationality there a certain economy is at work. As for as its objective character is concerned this mythologization too is not classless and without profiteering. Entire petty bourgeois associated with cow dung and urine medicare, beauty industry and fertilizer production is making money from it by befooling the ignorant Hindu religious masses. Govt. has array of schemes for cowism that benefits these petty bourgeois engaged in the spreading of superstition. Goshala businessmen and Ashrams are getting free funds from government in the name of protection of holy cow (go vansh). Hindutva lumpen run gunda racket in the name of cow protection, sell useless cows for beef and live life king size. Hindutva’ s petty economic profiteering from religious is not possible without sentimentalization of popular myths. Modi’s scientification of mythic stories and images i.e pushpak viman and stem cell Ganesh etc. has something Utopian about it. It may be vulgar and stupid but it strikes the unconscious of ignorant masses where these Utopian images are already inscribed by Puran priests. But this reason is not all that worked with Modi, beneath Hindutva’s mythologization and rationality a certain economic rationality is at work that is benefiting the petty bourgeois associated with it. Petty bourgeoisie’s hope to become a corporate by selling cow dung soap, shampoo and medicines made of a mythic cow’s urine is no less Utopian. It may be laughable for us but many have become millionaires from it.


But amidst all this the politics of mainstream bazaar is that it is untouched by all Hindutva idiocy. Hindutva does not attack the modernity and vulgarity of advertisement industry except cinema of Muslim actors and actresses to communalize and capitalize from it. Industry has its own autonomous universe and line of progress despite the fact that this universe too has broadly been communalized by Hindutva. Hindutva communalism and lumpenism with its backward idea of life and culture stands just opposite to the demand and aspirations of industry. Both can’t go together in life. How long they can manage to live together time will tell us. But Indian capitalism whatever its characteristics are, have no option other than to pursue a secular ideology in its broader interest. It must tread a progressive path if it wants to affirms itself on global stage. Even to move forward with international capitalism it must renounce its ancient nostalgia that the backward Hindutva has produced in its mind.


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