Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 26, 2014

Hired for Love Jehad!


A Hindu teacher at the village madrassa of a village Sarawa of Hapur Uttar Paradesh alleges that she was kidnapped, gang-raped and forcibly converted. She managed to escape from a madrassa in Muzaffarnagar and return home to narrate her story to her family. Her family filed a police case and those named in the FIR have been arrested. This includes the village pradhan Nawab, Sanahullah and a local girl, Nishat. You can sense an undercurrent of fear among Hindus: that once the police forces are removed from the area, Muslims might retaliate. #openmagazine

According to parents, behind such conversion which is taken under Love Jehad, there are Muslims involved supported by Samajwadi Party government. An another Man from Hapur who runs a local news paper says that behind #lovejehad there is huge money involved. Sickularists are hiring smart Muslim boys to wage LoveJehad against Hindus. According to him the tariff for Love Jehad is as follows:

Rs-7 lakh to capture and convert a Brahmin girl.

Rs-7 lakh to capture and convert a kashtriya Girl.

Rs-8 lakh to convert a Vaishya girl.

Rs-8 lakh to convert a Jain girl.

Rs-5 lakh for Hindus of other casts.

This is a horror.


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