Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | September 29, 2013

Superstition in the age of neo-liberal economy


Superstition and the Art of public loot in the age of neo-liberal Economy.

Suneeta Khatri : Baba, after successive failures  my husband’s business is  not yet getting any success. My daughter and son both are not getting any jobs due to so called inflation and fall of rupee. 

Neermal Baba: Which God do you worship!

Suneeta Khatri: Bhagwan Krishna and Sai Baba.

Neermal Baba: You are vegetarian or non vegetarian ?


Suneeta Khatri: My family is pure vegetarian Baba. 

Neermal Baba: Throw  idols of your god and pir sai baba out in Yamuna.  Eat three eggs three times a day and start getting fucked three times by three  men everyday. Kripa Ane lagegi !

Such programs of superstitions are curated and supported by  Information and broadcasting minister in public interest and spread by corporate media as religious entertainment. 


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