Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | November 15, 2012

“O”bjective is subjective

Untitled: By Cindy Sherman

Queer Feminists call it Queer feeling. Nude female body has never been a subject, it is an object to be consumed. Female body is a dhaasu porn object. Object body is housewife, the prostitute, a helpless women, the woman in distress, the woman in tears, the dancer, the actress, and the malleable etc. Its sensibility has something to do with fascist camp experiments of objecthood or thinghood of body. Many thinkers have called Capitalism itself as a camp in which subject is objectivized. In the queer transgressivity Paolo Pasolini’s Salo could be a reference point. Salo has many images similar to it in its horror, he had shown that how in demonicity object body has no choice. Picture is the realization of queer feeling “THAT which makes you uncomfortable.’

फिलिंग धॉस दो।

..have just posted pictures, will come to it later via other posts.. I posted it with few queerly words as reminder..will be back promise.!


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