Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | September 7, 2012

Media: the tragic face of truth.

Where the ghost of corruption will lead Indian bourgeoisie? They will go no further then their predecessors. Question is no more of fighting corruption rather of how it can be done more transcendentally.  BJP is not fighting UPA truthfully to kill the evil of corruption but to set it into flight. Washington Post article was written in support of BJP style corruption without imagining its tragic end. Journalists have unnecessarily attacked PM without giving a thought on the cause of corruption under liberalization economy of free loot. Journalist Simon Denyer did not understand that it is loot neurosis of bourgeois that has brought the tragic figure of Indian democracy. Astronomic corruption and loot under liberal economy is already a tragedy of capitalism. It has achieved its ideal in India. Moreover, even if existence is abundance of life it affirms suffering; it is essentially tragic. Buddha realized this universal truth two thousand five hundred years ego. If Washington post journalist had thought tragic in negative light as destructive idea yet it is not bad as it creates variations in forms of life. Moreover, what he sensed as tragic is actually dramatic; story of corruption is in absolute command of bourgeois and has been set in a circular movement so that it may not break the system and bring chaos. System is still not trembling; still there is no threat to system as such.  But let us leave it for another time and try to understand the interest of American media in the great loot of natural resources—the great Indian loot. Washington Post’s article or Time magazine’s cover story concerning Indian politicians raises some serious questions with regard to politics and journalistic ethics and morality. It invokes serious questions regarding credibility of news paper and journalist’s news story. Indians should ask why American media is lobbying selectively with Indian political parties and leaders. Why Time magazine would publish cover story on Narendra Modi to tell us that he is a right candidate for Prime Ministerial post despite the factthat it has still not issued visa to him? Why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is being targeted and declared dithering dumb, ineffectual bureaucrat; worthy of abuse? Whose interests are being served in such petty mercantile publications and journalistic writings- so called breaking news story? Isn’t it a fact that media is just a weapon in the hands of businessmen who use it for political lobbying and exploitation. At the time of Coal-gate scam when Congress party’s UPA government is under attack all kinds of sensational propaganda is emanating from American media industry. Yesterday’s Washington Post article was undoubtedly superficial and propaganda that wrote “The image of scrupulously honorable, humble and intellectual technocrat has slowly given way to a completely different one: a dithering, ineffectual bureaucrat presiding over a deeply corrupt government”. A strange game has been played in this body of words. In these words cronyism and its tragic gospel of new liberalism has been asserted because author knows that this is what reality of America is. Which country has a saint PM and President in these dark times when premise has already been set by Capitalists that bourgeois democracy is about corruption and loot and corruption is its natural spirit? God is capital: this is ultimate truth for bourgeois. Does he consider Barack Obama a saint President? Intellectuals have already declared him predecessor of George Bush, blood thirsty and neck deep in corruption. It is in his reign that blood thirsty zombies and cronies have roamed on the streets of New York threatening to devour people. Bankers tell that Barack Obama is the worst nightmare they have ever saw. Has Washington Post ever done a news story on Mr. President Obama even when in his regime Wall Street crashed and Americans experienced darkest time of economy? Can it use such harsh words for its own President who presides over the gangs of cronies and no less a corrupt government? In fact it is under the influence of American cronies that journalist wrote his news story. Noise of huge loot of India has been heard by cronies’ sitting across the globe and all around there is a clamor of loot.  Story carries the absurd content of mediocre bourgeois ambition. Ambika Soni had asked for apology “How can a US daily take the matter so lightly and publish something about Prime minister of another country.”  And later PMO wrote a letter to the newspaper Editor calling it ‘one sided’, ‘unethical’ and ‘unprofessional’. Washington Post article can’t be taken as a serious journalistic story at all for it has been written by the journalist as a political project of cronies–dislodge UPA government in favor of BJP for setting up the loot and corruption into flight. It is undoubtedly a case of paid news story and journalist no doubt appears to be a little petty bourgeois colleague of the cronies.

The industrialization of mass communication began with the demise of truth and journalistic ethics; media is business and business alone by all unethical means. The capacity to pursue truth, already remarkably weak, shrinks a little further. I would of course like to accuse Washington Post for helping India’s most corrupt opposition at the time of its failure as an effective opposition. If BJP accuses Congress UPA government as most corrupt then this is also a great truth that BJP is the most corrupt opposition ever sitting in parliament.BJP has utterly failed to counter UPA’s corrupt government because BJP itself is no less leading a gang of corrupt leaders and cronies. Such news stories are like propaganda and appear as an emergency from foreign media to ruling party at the time of political crisis. Journalistic propaganda that is normally practiced by media often has only logic against the government that doesn’t favor the interest of those whom they belong to– that is to disavow, to malign and demonize- evil-doing spirits unconcerned with nation and people. How much spirit and force BJP has obtained from this foreign article in order to attack UPA? How helpful is Mr. Simon Denyer’s news story who is ideologically rightist and spiritedly propagandist? BJP must do some self search and ask itself how such embarrassment of country by a foreign media can help them rise in center.

Non seriousness of Washington Post journalist is apparent by his statement issued just after PMO lashed out at him. He stated that he wrote his article in reaction because PM Manmohan Singh did not pick his phone calls. Strange! PM did not pick phone calls and his arms were twisted causing great sorrow to Congress and people at large. What more is needed to reject his ill ambiguous political writing and false mercantile propaganda? Manmohan Singh doesn’t give interview to mainstream Indian media even but it doesn’t mean media would become his enemy and start writing against him to spread false propaganda? It is PM’s right and choice whom to give interview and whom not to give interview at all. I think this is also not fair to attack him for not speaking frequently when all big leaders and UPA ministers speak to media every day on every issue small and big even if it would be irrelevant. Truth is sometimes not very noisy, it is silent. To assert truth one needs not to be much noisy this has been shown by Manmohan Singh from time to time and people of India have believed him. The man who had spoken the verse “ हज़ारों जवाबों से अच्छी है मेरी ख़ामोशी, न जाने कितने सवालों की आब्रू रखे!” to silence the opposition have resolved the pain that has been inflicted upon his heart by cronies. He wouldn’t issue statements after statements to prove himself right and justify his acts; his one line poetizing suffices. He knows that only solution to noisy evil is ‘good’ silence.

It is clear now more than ever that media is one with corruption. Lokamat news paper owner Vijay Darda and Agrawal’s of Bhaskar group have set a new example in this sector-fourth pillar of loot in liberal democracy. Darda lobbied with politicians by using his effectual newspaper media; he used political system for his business gains. In Coal-Gate scam his name has been filed by CBI under prevention of corruption act for cheating with government. Every Indian is speculating, how he has manipulated government by media threat, how he has cheated government and people? Stalin as a great hardcore Marxist did not believe that media is superstructure because it is through and through political and an exclusive weapon in the hand of bourgeois. TV news channels have become mouth of the bourgeois to spell the evil while news papers are textual propaganda machines. Journalist is no artist after truth; Journalist is a stain gun machine in the hand of bourgeois to shoot the truth. Artist is considered to have situated himself above political in sublime realms hence he is no threat as such; he directly doesn’t participate in economic-political structure. As per CBI report, Vijai Darda and Jaiswal brothers had established a firm Jas infrastructure overnight and without any experience in mining industry acquired rights of mining from Chattisgarh government. Jas infrastructure acquired shares of block in Rs-10/ and sold it in Rs-8885/- to few unknown individuals capitalizing billions. A great number of coal mines have been allocated to Vijay Darda only because of his effective propaganda machine Lokmat.  Vijay Darda is not the only newspaper owner in the list of those to whom coal blocks were allocated. According to CAG report DB Power whose owners are also proprietors of Dainik Bhaskar and other publications are involved in the loot of natural resources. Opposition BJP too is neck deep into corruption and recently CAG report of Chattisgarh revealed that Raman Singh government has allocated rich coal blocks to BJP President Nitin Gadkari’s close associate Vijai Sancheti without competitive bidding.In this BJP-ian loot of black diamond 1000 crore loss was made to government treasury. Coal blocks have been allocated to Sancheti’s company SMS infrastructures knowing the fact that it has no experience in coal mining. Evidently, in corruption media is neck deep and it can’t escape from the structure of corruption. Media can do some exorcism however to escape and disappear in some fetishized truth or truth called capital but the ghost of corruption is going to haunt it forever. Media is run to make huge profit, each article is printed for money, every word is uttered to profit the owner; it can be anything from acquiring of coal-block to MLA ticket. We do not know yet whether they are also into prostitution business or not, for possibilities of capital generation are also open to it. Capitalism is cynicism and when it is not capitalism rather an unproductive, uncreative machine; it is simply prostitution—a chakla house. Today media has lost its ethics and morality; it is no longer a face of truth. It is a cult of money, a prostitute’s house whose ideology is fetishization of truth. It is a place where bourgeois fucks truth and ejaculates lies. Interestingly, newspaper has accepted that journalist had stolen content from the magazine ‘Karvan’ in which it was published on October 2011 and the published article is an edited version of the same. Post editor said that credit should be given to the ‘Karvan’. What Washington Post journalist did is sensationalization by tagging PM Manmohan Sing with most possible words carrying negative connotation and abuse. He wrote nothing; the content of article was collected from latrine and reorganized on paper like collage. Nothing is special about Denyer’s article except false sensationalization of story. It is not sensational even, because as a political write up it is substanceless and lifeless. No truth is written because journalist lacked understanding of Indian politics and silent politicians like PM. Denyer’s words “India’s silent Prime Minister becomes tragic figure” is worse of the fact. It is stated without knowing the fact, that it he who was regarded the best Prime minister by the International media. Logic is flat and simple, since he is now unable to pursue the liberalization path charted out by American lobbyist he has become a tragic figure. Whose growth is slowing down? Manmohan knows it therefore he doesn’t answer it. As long as he was good reformer he was a loving baby. Journalist’s notion of PM’s tragic figure comes from his reading of Indian mediocre writers and public figures. Anna team called him Shikhandi, historian Ramchandra Guha called him tragic figure in history while others called him clown of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. He followed their perception. It means he is tragic and comic figure both at the same time or a comic figure turned to tragic figure and viceversa. But being tragic figure is no negative word because bourgeois moves from drama to tragic; this is natural evolution of bourgeoisie. In my understanding bourgeois moves from drama to tragic while Communist moves from tragic to drama both turns their existences into hell. Nothing is negative in it; this is but natural in history. Westerns have thought death only in two ways, either it is tragic death or comical death; there is no third death, therefore in both cases PM Manmohan Singh’s figural destiny is outstanding.  Journalist has tried to dehumanize him without understanding of movement of bourgeois reason and delirium. Manmohan Singh is not an arrogant politician with barking voice, he is silent figure and he has accomplished his targets silently. Some one has rightly said that “True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power strangles you with silk ribbons, charm, and intelligence” In the dark times when it is almost impossible to find out a figure that is not corrupt and deceiver he is perhaps the best option for Sonia’s Congress Party. He is doing a great job by discovering sculls sitting silently in office everyday to clean the system. People of words have their job to taunt everything that he does even his scull discovering too is being attacked “he does nothing except discovering sculls?” This is what is great in his doing things silently. When sculls are discovered tragedy is obvious for they have tongue, they can speak history, as Hamlet would say “That Scull had a tongue in it, and could sing”. Manmohan Singh’s political tragedy is not his personal tragedy, it is brought to him when he started discovering  sculls of the bastards, all appeared singing corruption song; all are bringing new histories of corruption to the fore against each other. Manmohan is a tragic figure in the sense of discoverer of sculls. He is not alone however; tragedy belongs to the bourgeoisie, the cronies and their ghosts. Manmohan is a silent crony hunter at present; he is bringing dead and alive both types of cronies in the house of corruption who have created this dramatic cum tragic theatre. In my view it is still a nonsensical bourgeois drama not a tragedy at all. In tragedy there should be some blood and causality. It will be tragedy only when the crime of corruption will be set in motion in the dialectics of vengeance and punishment spilling blood on streets creating a true spectrality.



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