Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 13, 2012

Mohammad’s Islamic War Machine

Dying, he smiled, looking fraternally at me..—Peter Kemp
Cruelty is the movement not of all cultures but few like Islam

Yesterday I had promised my facebook friends to write a post on Islamic war machine as it is very much needed. I am a traversliastic writer, I enjoy traversing on various subjects because it gives me energy and pleasure both. I am not a polemist of curse but I can write on my subjects authoritatively. On Islamic War machine my reference point would be largely Foucault and Deleuze because I have taken two concepts from them namely heterotopias and the war machine but post is not limited to it. I would take various other thinkers mainly psychoanalysts to explain few issues related to war machine.  Benjamin wrote that mythic violence is bloody over mere life and it has no end. He has also pointed out that it is by nature lawmaking and productive of guilt and retribution.  Islam as a mythic military violence is primordial in many ways and lawmaking character is inherent in such violence  therefore it would be absolutely correct to call Mohammad as a prophet of war.  Absolute domination is proclaimed in Al-Furqan ” The day the heaven shall be rent asunder with clouds and angels shall be sent down descending in ranks, That day, the domination as of right and truth shall be wholly for God the most righteous: It will be a day of dire difficulty for the disbeliever”.  Islamic war has no end because of guilt consciousness; violence and guilt are very intimately linked.  Mohammad as a commander was a failed man or prophet because he could not deliver what he had promised to the tribe (especially peace). Now, it should be stated from the very outset that Islam is a religion of war and its prophet was an armed commander.  He was the chief of a cruel tribe and his authority was as a commander in war. He was responsible for everything; he brought them under some ethical law, harmonized and developed a collective fighting spirit in tribe. He was a leader therefore for various obligations in maintaining the tribe’s position and honor only he was considered fit. Mohammad was a leader of a nomad tribe and it is said that only nomads can create a war machine, as we later see in the example of Genghis Khan.  As a commander in war Prophet was above every one hence after each victory he would spread couches and doesn’t hesitate to marry a virgin girl Ayesha in old age. Mohammad was not a prophet like Buddha or like Jesus who had beaten the tax collectors in temple for the destitute; he was a cruel warrior as well as a flesh trader. Mohammad started his religion with massacre; first he massacred Qaynuqa’ Jews-the trader community and collected all of their women as prostitutes for flesh trade. Later in his great military expansion known as al-Khandaq another tribe community the Qurayzah Jews massacred and their women were enslaved.  It was the cruelest endeavor in history by any nomad tribes that brought a perfect war machine. According to Deleuze “The prophet, as opposed to the state personality of the king and the religious personality of the priest, directs the movement by which a religion becomes a war machine or passes over to the side of such a machine.” I will return to this Islamic war machine later on with more details  but before that let’s ask- Isn’t it a fact even in modern day that the main Islamic hypothesis is that it poses multiple threats to the other societies and system so that it is converted in Islam or it commits suicide by itself.  It doesn’t believe in any nation and people. Threat to humanity is posed today on all fronts from all sides, from madarsas and masques, from internet, through collective warfare, through individual terrorist acts, infiltration, prostitution etc.

Islamic war machine

Map shows the territory own by three major khaliphas- Muhammad Sahab(khalipha), Rasuddin Khalipha,Umayyad khalipha .(ISLAM 632–732)!!

Islam’s most poise deeds and thought too are motivations of war, as for example, its modern Islamic brotherhood sentiment excludes everyone and arouses a war sentiment; brethren are only those who have gone through circumcision. It is already enmity. However, real Islamic threat comes from the speedy breeding, being indifferent to society and nation Muslims multiply like cats and rats.  In India they multiply atomically as here everything is in abundance with absolute liberation and government doesn’t apply any law.  As soon one talks about law for population control they bring their Allah; the fanatic mullah starts shouting and secularists come in their support for vote. It did not happen in Communist China when they brought law for population control.  Why Muslim terrorism is almost absent in China? Why Muslims do not wave Pakistani flag in America? Because national law immediately takes its course.  In India perhaps national doesn’t exist so as law. Muslims are by nature criminal, they always need a strict law. Every liberal nation is suffering from their criminality and terrorism.  Answer to the question why Muslims live happily under a dictator’s rule is that because of religion of Commander Mohammad.  Muslims have their own despotic law for their community which is antagonistic to the law of any civilized nation other than Islamic nation. The dream of Islamic state of Mohammad is buried in their unconscious (or nostalgia of the days of absolute cruelty) that rises up often and waves flag of Pakistan in India. In Muslim’s unconscious despot Mohammad keeps on howling for Jihad; they have no desire of life whatsoever, even for peace, because Despot desires blood and violence. They realize in despot’s voice that death is the only future on the horizon. Even Eros has been structures as a war machine converting entire Muslim population into a speedy mega machine of procreation. In speedy multiplication space (environment social etc.) is populated and then captured like germs, it threatens those communities who exercise self-control and try to become happy family.  What is social ecology? Fuck you, Muslims do not believe in society as such. Muslims still haven’t learned that a religion exists only by defining itself in relation to others. Interestingly the entire problem of Muslim migration that India is facing today is related to it, it has been their tactics (multiply fast, migrate and populate other spaces) since the ages.  Educated Muslims too follow such absurdities.  In fact this populating psychology is against humanity, it is absolutely inhuman today but Mohammad allowed it because it was a requirement of his war machine.  In Islam everything is conceptualized for war machine therefore following Deleuze it is not wrong to say that Musalman means becoming animal in the war machine. Mohammad being a leader of nomad tribe community successfully structured a war machine. However, despite being a blood letter and a cruel man by setting up a war machine; he mobilized and liberated a formidable charge of nomadism or absolute deterritorialization.  As Deleuze puts it ”it doubles the migrant with an accompanying nomad, or with the potential nomad the migrant is in the process of becoming; and finally, it turns its dream of an absolute State back against the State-form.”  The concept of holy land or funding of a state for the nomad community itself is ‘religious’ in many way, if Islam is a religion it was founded for it.  Its every proceeding has been for conquering of territory and people.  According to Deleuze, the history of the Crusades is marked by the most astonishing series of directional changes: the firm orientation toward the Holy Land as a center was another beginning, however the direction and temperament was altogether different.

The Islamic delusion of Muslims, the map and the coordinates is inscribed in unconscious. Its language is Violence. Muslim is born as a blood sucker, he is born terrorist because the religion in which he is born was established on blood; its every brick is dip in blood of the others.  There is blood and there is mourning, in between both nothing else exists.  Why mourning is a community ritual? Because is related to war.  It is not mourning for the others but for the community leaders who had died in war. Islam is one with war and mourning.  The month of Ramadan, in which the Qur’an verses is said to have been descended in the mouth of Mohammad was actually revelation of laws of a commander who had just won the battle of Badr. He instituted it as a time of fasting to unite the community as well as to remember the day of victory. A unified system is only formed in this way.  All Islamic ritual revolves around war, blood, and mourning.  Every one knows about Islamic war but very few know and understand what logic of mourning is? Blessed Are They That Mourn, says Quran. Mourning works as a catalyst arouses some specific psychological feelings to arouse violence, it is not something religious rather religiously militarilc. In Islam an entire festival is dedicated to mourning, Shiya blood festival Ashura is about mourning (mourning for the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali called Muharram). It is not religious; it is dedicated to a warrior who had killed millions for Islam. In Ashura one mourns but does not weep, this is not allowed; if one weeps one becomes blind according to Quran. One mourns in the memory, beats himself in guilt, tortures himself and creates a new memory of violence for him and for the others. One does not shed out the very memory in tears but rather stabilizes it, makes it permanent.  One of the important attribute of War machine is that in it every thing revolves around it whether it is breeding and training, mourning and mirth; it institutes an entire economy of violence, in other words, a way of making violence durable. Weeping is a taboo in this mourning act for it invokes human emotion which is not desired, it’s a ritual that must invoke higher feeling of trauma.  In this case mourning is quite esoteric in different sense, it’s about: ‘to see myself dead before being dead’. In Ashura mourning the feeling of guilt and violence would be invoked collectively and it is the performance in the collective that takes hold of the spirit of the masses. In the peak moment of Ashura mourning, it is collective act of violence and bloodshed that takes hold of, in it no one remains the master of one’s own self. In it lies its enigma and the answer of the question “by what mourners are seized?” can be found. Torture is the way to show one’s loyalty to the Caliph and it is exposed only to the slaves. In Deleuzian sense, through the act of mourning the psychology of entire mass is being reterritorialized and striated and put into higher spiritual commandment. Cruelest of rites and sacrifices of religions is deeply related to our former code of punishment says Deleuze. Ashura is about guilt, sacrifice and violence; it’s an invocation of violence in a religious setup. Death and torture are desired in Islam. Islam can never do without blood, torture and sacrifice, when they feel the need to create a memory for themselves and community; they do it following despot Mohammad’s voice. Cruelty is the movement not of all cultures but few like Islam. In Islam every thing pertains to military. The Azan was conceptualized initially by Mohammad as a military call of the Allah’s army; it would be addressed to the entire community that would be a moving army in the deserts. Azan in morning would be a call for the army in deserts, if there is peace and no threat, voice in Azan would be different and when there is time to attack voice would be different. Entire community in move in desert was conceptualized as army and it understood the call. Still today in Masques Azan is not some morning prayer, it is always a call for the blood. Islam mullah as well as its intellectuals emphasize on fast breeding of race because of this military mind people are needed to die for Allah’s kingdom.

In my Hindi post I wrote earlier that Mohammad begins Islam not only in violence but also in prostitution. Islam was established on flesh trade.  Till Pasha’s time Islam carried on its original Mohammadiyan trade, Pasha’s army would attack smaller communities, kill all males and collect women for flesh trade. During Mohammad’s era when they did proceed forward towards Atlantis, they had enslaved smaller tribes of the area; they would kill all males and collect women for prostitution. Quran has various references that clearly tell us what happened during Mohammad’s great long march, as for example during capture of a community this trading occurred, community leader offered women ““Here is a she-camel (women): she has a right of watering, And ye have a right to water “. They did not believe in truth but in flesh therefore they would kill the community leader together with all males and collect all women for prostitution. Quran’s Prostitution and warrior-ship became the real spirit of Islam. In Mohammad- the  despot’s dictate there is nothing religious as such, what he says, “To the the faithful garden of pleasure will be brought near…To  the faithful the couches will be spread in full” .  Faith and spreading of couch is pure Islamic demonic materialism as Quran tells us else where” Those who reject Faith will suffer from the rejection and those who are faithful will spread their couch”. Great killers would have great opportunities of spreading of couches hence warriorship for couch was desired. Every Muslim woman possesses the psyche of prostitutes because of this very reason that she has learned from her family, culture and society. If Islamic man was expected to be a warrior, women were expected to be a prostitute because she had to spread thighs for many blood thirsty during her life time. Prostitution is embedded in Islamic culture. The concept of curtain came into existence to solve the problem of the trade. What was the curtain? It was labyrinthine space crated for the flesh trade. Salman Rushdie however takes Foucault’s concept of Heterotopias in describing what was that curtain alike “The Curtain–Hijab, was the name of the most popular brothel in Jahilia (a small market like place in Arabian desert), an enormous palazzo of date–palms in water—tinkling courtyards, surrounded by chambers that interlocked in bewildering mosaic patterns, permeated by labyrinthine corridors which had been deliberately decorated to look alike, each of them bearing the same calligraphic invocations to Love, each carpeted with identical rugs, each with a large stone urn positioned against a wall. None of The Curtain’s clients could ever find their way, without help, either into the rooms of their favored courtesan or back again to the street. In this way the girls were protected from unwanted guests and the business ensured payment before departure Large Circassian eunuchs, dressed after the ludicrous fashion of lamp–genies, escorted the visitors to their goals and back again, sometimes with the help of balls of string. It was a soft windowless universe of draperies, ruled over by the ancient and nameless Madam of the Curtain whose guttural utterances from the secrecy of a chair shrouded in black veils had acquired, over the years, something of the oracular. Neither her staff nor her clients were able to disobey that sibylline voice that was, in a way, the profane antithesis of Mohammad’s (I have replaced with real character) sacred utterances in a larger, more easily penetrable tent not so very far away”. The despot’s voice is omnipresent in the functioning of the Islamic war machine.  Islamic brothels were originary concept of heterotopias which was later converted in to real one when Islam grew and formed empires.  In the era of Ottoman Empire it was a great harem (a spaces separated from time) of thousands of women collected from various communities. Islamic heterotopias of Arabian Empires were spaces for richness of time of pleasure. Mustafa Pasha the great commander of Ottoman Empire had converted entire Greek Christian women into prostitutes, thousands were brought to king’s harem while majority were left for the lower grade army personnel and workers.  Islamic conquest on Greece and Constantinople brought great changes in Christian world. Almost 700 hundred years is of Islamic slavery of Christian world, not less. It was the era of absolute cruelty but also of trade and commerce in which greatest commerce was of slaves especially women.  Slaves were for the most part war captives, commonly children who had been sold far away from their tribes and so had no family when they grew up except that of their owners, if they procreate they would procreate through owner.  Slave must be an absolute slave. The trade related to slaves is of various kinds from prostitution to homosexual workers to selling of army of slaves. Deleuze remarks that they were pioneer even in creating a special kind of military category “military slavery”. They would capture slaves through war and sometimes purchase selectively from various races namely Mameluks of Egypt, slaves from the steppe or the Caucasus at a very early age and form the army of slaves.  To assimilate slaves and workers in Islamic war machine they were educated. The education of the citizen and slaves as workers to the apprenticeship of the soldier is obvious to such machines, even in Capitalism it is done in different way. In Hindi film Rajiya Sultan the black slave Yakut comes under this category, such faithful slaves were result of Sultanic ‘subjectification’. They were converted into absolute slaves through subjectification and trained in the fashion that they could not imagine to deceive the master.  According to Althusser, “Subjectification as a regime of signs or a form of expression is tied to an assemblage, in other words, an organization of power that is already fully functioning in the economy, rather than superposing itself upon contents or relations between contents determined as real in the last instance.” Capital itself is a point of subjectification par excellence.  Slaves and prostitutes were most important part of Islamic assemblage in which they had even later added eunuchs.  We do not know if they had army of eunuch or not but we know their crucial role in Mogul Empire. A war machine like Islam haS been unproductive, uncreative and an absolute criminality, at least till it reached high empiric ground. War machine has only purpose war and bloodshed till it successfully founds a great Empire like Akbar’s.  If violence was for justice it must end in a just regime but is it  really the case with Islam? In Akbar Islamic war machine culminated in a relatively lawful empire but it was not an end of Islamic history of violence as such. Islamic war machine continued and in modern age with weapons mass destruction it has become more lethal.  In Mogul Empire the Islamic war machine was relatively productive than Empires like Ottoman but it was almost an empire of prostitution.  Islamic violence knew no limit, a large mass of Hindu dalits were enslaved and converted in Islam during Akbar’s regime. He was said to be a secular king but prostitutes and Imams still ruled the empire. On the loot, exploitation, heavy taxes on other communities and trade of conquered women the economy of Ottoman and other Islamic Empires depended so as Mohammad’s religious economy.  Women were source of pleasure as well as of wealth. It was put to an end after Christian fathers retaliated with a great Crusade with absolute word of God “Christ is the end of law, that every one who has faith may be justified”.  It was the beginning of a new era in Human history.

Note: I could not write this post the way I initially conceptualized it. I could not emphasize much on Islamic military aspect. I will try to finish it in another post.  Presently enjoy it and wait for the next. ॐश्रीर्मस्तु


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