Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 14, 2012

The culture of indifference

Indian are only people in the world who obtain self consciousness only when things become absolutely unbearable. Slaves lose everything in their chains, even the desire of escaping from them and start loving slavishness.  I absolutely agree with Karl Marx’s remark that “Indians possess slave consciousness”. Thousand years of Islamic and British slavery has created this consciousness in Indian man; it has become part and parcel of subconscious of the masses. Slave consciousness is an essential trait of Indians. After almost three hundred years of British slavery they had started freedom struggle when another class with British mindset came and aroused them by shaking their slave consciousness. Vivekananda had put emphasis on word “proud” to create a new consciousness in people that was  rejected by Congressmen as it aroused Indianness in people and it was anti-colonialist consciousness.   But perhaps unfortunately it was the beginning of slavery, this time slavery of Indians by Indians. I may be incorrect but the entire “Times Now’ News channel’s’ campaign on “end indifference” justifies it.  Post independence Congress did everything, employed every method to preserve and ascertain the continuity of the slave consciousness of people. Every effort to create a national consciousness and awareness to one’s earth, precisely the concept of nationalism was deconstructed by Congress under whose spirit people of nation could have been aroused and a strong nation could have been built. Everything was promoted including demonicity to deconstruct the existing ethics, morality and dharma principles which united family, society and nation. Women were never unsafe in our society as they are today, when our society was rooted in dharma child and women were never raped and molested. Indian society never raped their daughters and sisters and we know how on Draupdi’s molestation and humiliation Indian people fought a great war to establish dharma. Fathers never raped daughters as they frequently rape today, raping of children, sisters and daughters has become everyday phenomena.  Manu may be wrong on various issues as he wrote his law from cast point of view but he was a seer concerning dhrama and man’s instinctual behaviors. He was progressive than us, for we moderns do flesh trade, sale women and girls but he makes a dharma law and declares selling of women a crime. What government does to prevent flesh trade? In the state of Hariyana under police authority “Apna Ghar” NGO people did all kinds of crime against poor girls, from partying to flesh trade and the shooting of blue films! Everyday hundreds of women are being recovered from the houses and hotels; modern man’s individualism has made him indifferent to humanity.  Even Inhumanity is being promoted as remedy to inhumanity.  Logic is that since man haven’t experienced rape or demonic things therefore let them rape to get rid of rape mentality! It is the general logic in favor of evil. Modern man is backward concerning understanding of incest while Manu understood it perfectly and wrote” Daughter, sister and cousins  etc. should not live in the same room with father, uncle, brother.” for instinct doesn’t know relations, it can go incest at any moment. In our villages people still build a homes that separates the dwelling of man and women of the family, all men of the family live in baithka in day time. Malinovsky however realized the value of this familial taboo and concludes that in absence of taboo incest is possible.  Today incidents of incest crime and rape occurs mostly in cities where family members, father, brother and uncles all are bound to live in a synchronized  space. It is not the crime of soul rather its blind animalistic instinct that gets an opportunity one day, attacks the girl of the family and rapes her.  If modern man wants incest to be practiced he should start living much more closely to the daughters; instinct doesn’t recognize blood relations, it is biologically free entity.  In villages cases of incest rape is rare while in cities it has become a favorite crime. Incest is the most talked about topic in Bourgeoisie society and it has been brought to the fore and  Bangalore rape case of six years old daughter by French commissioner dad confirms that  it is being desired by them.

Modernism has failed utterly so as other supplementary- isms to it, so much so that after Auschwitz philosophers who meditated on moral, ethical and cultural failures of modernism declared that “it is impossible to write poetry “. We must understand the fact that attitude of Indifference has not surfaced in our society from some abstraction; it is grounded in the philosophy of self-preservation instinct, sheer individualism and a vulgar pragmatic reason.  The utilitarian philosophy of consumerism that desire is free and it is absolutely free without any ethics and morality overall social law created a criminal consciousness in man. English people attack only social morality and law which is rooted in religion; it is only enemy against consumerist culture and philosophy of profit. Question would be formulated in absolute foolish manner “who are they(society, family, father, mother etc), the custodian of culture and morality to teach us culture and raise questions? “Consumerism is not only consumerism of goods; it is also consumerism of body, of exploitation of intensity of others for which desire ought to be outbound. Bourgeois promotes kaminagiri or idiocy when it feels folks have become sweet hearted; it encourages young generation to pursue immoral acts, drug, rave party and demonic life style. Indian upper class society is only custodian of illness and evil things for the sake of newness. It becomes ideal thing to do for lower middle class youths for whom ideal is upper class. Colonialist mindset is that which does everything for his own sake being indifferent to everything, means doesn’t matter at all. Bourgeoisie teaches that in capitalist society father and mother has no right, no one has any right to teach their son and daughters how to behave, why not to go crazy about hip-hop and drug etc. If desire has to become free and chaotic beyond good, it must be absolutely free. Gita‘s spiritual view on desire is that “Desire which is contrary to the eternal law of nature (dharma) is demonic (its not his nature or he, as he says kamosmi bharatarshbhah)”. Philosopher and psychoanalyst Lacan too thought that desire is the one and only ethical universal and not in opposition to universal law of God or good. One desires absolutely but at the same time he can’t help desiring good says Thomas Aquinas.  Interestingly in this context one can talk about Vatsyayan to whom desire has the elusive uniqueness of the ‘law’ of the work of art. Once it is considered a work of art it becomes sublime act, it remains no more consumerism;it is no more destructive and demonic.  Indian spiritualism has taught it to people; in eating, drinking, sexing to be mindful and artful. Buddha has emphasized on mindfulness more than anyone for only this can make you artful and Arya. Arya means bhadra, this is real meaning of elite; eliteness doesn’t come from money rather from mindfulness and artfulness. Modernist utilitarians who have converted our universe into hell (those of objective reason) may not agree to it but it is true that desire that is endless and purposeless is destructive by nature.  American consumerism has pretty much shown to the world what it can bring to us. The utilitarian or consumerist is he who doesn’t enjoy at all; he is incapable of enjoyment without an end in view. Consuming is not bad but consumerism of endless, purposeless consuming is bad. World has suffered from obesity because of endless and purposeless eating. Desire which is performed under law of nature endows man with greatest happiness in life. Today, philosophers have accepted the sublime wisdom of religions and almost converted themselves into interpreters of religions; philosophers are no better than priests of religion. I am nearing to finish my next blog post on Benjamin’s language; it will tell you how Marxist materialist reason has surrendered to Biblical reason and how great Christian faithful the great Marxist Walter Benjamin was?  Indian media is almost ignorant about religion therefore when it talks about ethical and moral issues and problems, it still thinks from hip-hop point of culture.

Indian indifference comes from the colonial mindset according to which nothing belongs to me, nation doesn’t exist, every one is stranger and outsider in this eternal inn therefore every one behaves with everyone as strangers.  If there is an opportunity one strong stranger or strangers in gang doesn’t hesitate to rapes the weak stranger in the inn. Pragmatic reason to benefit from individual, situation and from the living body or even from the dead works in thought and action both being absolutely nihilistic and indifferent to human values.  It is not very strange that in India at hospitals to take away a dead body of the mother hospitals ( that has become profit industry) would shamefully ask for the payment to poor. In many cases shamefulness of indifference becomes transcendental when hospital would ask for mortgage of a living human body in case poor is unable to pay cash. This is what precisely astonished Schopenhauer: that the emotions in sight of the death not only of others but also our own, are many times over so weak.  Becoming Indifferent to country and its people is Congress party’s policy that it implemented in the system. Middle class and the upper ruling class that was associated with congress were taught to be indifferent because it was the only ideology that could convert system in to a system of corruption and loot. In congress regime the concept of profit is not that of profit from production and circulation rather from loot, loot itself is profit.  Businessmen himself do less believe in profit from economic rule, for him too real and pure profit is obtained by looting. Media has been indifferent to the immorality, unethicality and loot of business houses and markets perhaps because of the Capitalist premise that market and market man is above everything.  Question of becoming indifferent of man is addressed only when it is addressed to political class and political economy. Indifference means simply a colonial mindset because of that an Indian raises himself up above everything and by becoming spectator treats India and Indians in the same fashion as British treated them.  There are slaves because there are people who enslave and it is power nothing else.

Who does show indifference the most? Who are powerful, who have money and who have post!  And poor and uneducated masses learn it from them and follow it, as Gita says “Masses follow the shrestha that is leading class”. I have given example of indifference from my field on my blog post, how an Indian art connoisseur Tuli does wish to treat people and nation? “Command the local, command the people and ensure profit” is universal philosophy of the globalized zombie man in the flight of capital. This is a sublime case of a sublime field. Rousseau had considered that strong became leader of the masses because people considered him their reason and submitted their faith to it. Democracy was established on faith not on contract. Every five years the faith of people is shattered, it has been shattered so much so by modern Indian political class and the middle class in general that people have started believing and electing gundas and robbers; they have acquired more than half of political space today. Why do people elect parties of robbers and gundas? Is it just because of cast politics! Something has gone wrong that intellectual class is unable to read. It is the same question what was asked by Reich “Why in a certain condition people choose slavery?” Congress has done nothing to free people as for as freedom is concerned rather enslaved them in colonialist culture, robbing mindset and motifs. Congressi colonialist enslavement has become more dangerous than the British for it is not practiced by insiders. Congress have developed a culture in middle class in these sixty years that people have learned to see one’s own brethren from British colonial eye. As soon as a lower class man gets a post or acquires a little wealth, he starts dissociating and hating the class to which he belonged.  Entire Indian political class and upper class inherits colonial eye of congress as for as their relation with nation and people are concerned. The magnitude of loot of national treasure by leaders of Congress and others that has been exposed recently is an outcome of this view of nation and people; all have wolf in their stomach. British had transferred not just a barren power to Congress but also its legacy of enslavement, its colonial inheritance of exploitation by saying “now receive eye of enslavement for you have shown faith in empire and its culture”. Nehru being saputa of Bhratmata never believed in Bharat; he believed in India that was endowed to him by British rulers. Hence, he carried their legacy of enslavement as it is being indifferent to everything.  Whether it was colonial culture, law, education, culture of criminality or culture of slavery, it all remained intact and surfaced in a new form and practiced in new way. In Cogress era colonial culture of corruption and loot knows no piety, it has become more indifferent to man and nature and more heinous than British.


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