Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | June 28, 2012

The greater good

“किं प्रजया करिष्यामो येषां नोऽयमात्मायं लोकः “what we shall do with progeny for whom this world has become his self”

We delight in Lord’s eternal law ‘The Sanatan Dharma’, in our inner most self; for us nothing is higher than his order.  Anyone who follows his pure law follows his order.  This is only radical response to the evil in the Dark Age.  At the time of moral and ethical degradation only by responding to lord’s voice can humanity be emancipated.  Peace be upon those who walks on the lord’s order and follows his voice.  To follow the path of virtue has never been easy, only those who have sattvika mind modifications can hear his voice and follow his path.  In other two forms of mind modifications one hears only Satan’s voice and his order, only Satanism prevails in his life and creates hell. Devil is desired today for quick success in life and perhaps because it has logic of lawlessness. Devil doesn’t ask for rule while god has a divine rule of law. Devil is symbolized by the image of dog more than cats, cats lag behind because she symbolizes sorcerer not proper devil. Dogs dwell in everyone’s house today because dog’s life and man’s life is similar; both eat without break and do sex for hours in doggy sex gesture and barks for his swami to prove his loyalty. In fact, dog is not desired but his kukurledh potential and ability to digest food is desired.  Dog has successfully banished divine cow from the houses of Indians; he howls erotically in midnight on the streets of Delhi- a symbolic victory of devil over god.  He unleashes his reign of terror in streets. Modernism began with declaration of ‘God is dead’ to set modern man free from divine law to experience what life is. Only from the Devil can one learn “how things really are”, only he could make modern man aware of true reality and free them from religious spectacles. Modern man is succumbed to the law of market and agreed to be ruled by objects but not by God’s law. He was a self denying cynic whose entire life was pathologically horrible. Emancipation from divine law brought them nothing except horror of life that culminated in Nazi camps. Devil has a secular ideology but it naturally collaborates with psychopaths and Fascists to go beyond good and evil. Devil masturbates in the marketplace; women say, “We had abortions”; men, “Gay is beautiful”; doctors say, “We have practiced euthanasia”; and children demand ‘we too want experience’. Devil Congress is symbolized by pornographic red eyed pigeon. Pigeon is a porn bird of Islamic inheritance. Hundreds of Pigeons dwell in my building and whenever I saw them they would be doing the same pigeonesque love making; every minute in and on.  Devil dwells in mouth, penis and anus, all the three are sexual machine; devil is sexual and foodie. Devil is a sick body machine, sick for sex and food but when he is fed up demands blood. His laughter is laughter about horror against victims whose blood he sucks.  Devil is a hell man.
Creation of hell is a dialectical process; one creates hell in his life in order to create hell for others in the world.  Today in our world demonic forces have become very strong; they have seized almost every walk of life.  Demonic powers are repulsive of good and virtue therefore they have denied everything that brings enlightenment. Enlightenment is absolutely denied, criticism is absolutely denied and creativity is absolutely denied that means over all spiritual is denied. Demons have selectively consolidated evil forces in various power structures. If religion exists it is practiced by demons like Nirmal Babas who do spread superstition and irrationalism. Demonic forces have overpowered our life so much so that today it is almost impossible for any one to pursue knowledge or dharma for some greater good.  In the time of yore, demons were anti-enlightenment as it invokes good so they would try to kill the saints who invoke it or destroy their acquired sciences.  A vidyadhar praises Lord Nrisimha after he killed the demon Hiranya Kashipu thus:“ विद्यां पृथग्धारणयानुराद्धां। न्यषेधदज्ञो बलविर्यदिपतः\ स येन संख्ये पशुवद्धतस्तं मायानृसिंह प्रणताः स्म नित्यम्।। Oh Lord! This foolish demon was so much powerful and full of ego that he destroyed our knowledge and sciences acquired through various disciplines. You have killed him like a sacrificial animal; we salute you in your Nrisimha form”.  Evil begets evil and good begets good this is natural law that often people do not realize and accept.  In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna has taught the proper metaphysics of creation of good and evil, he says it all depends on one’s mind modification that is, what has been embedded or inscribed in one’s antahkaran which is formed of mind, intelligence, chitta, and ego. In general language of yoga it is collectively known as chitta vritti. How to identify what kind of chitta vritti one has? He says ‘प्रकाशो देहे अस्मिन उपजायते” when one’s mind, intelligence, speech, and sense organs etc is effulgent know that sattva has increased.  It means when one’s mind is virtuous, thought longs for knowledge, speech is sweet and holy and sense organs are vitalized and aware. Contrary to it when Rajas increases one becomes greedy, desirous for more and more even of other’s property, in general one is restless  and devoid of inner peace. While when one’s chitta is darkened by Tamas ignorance prevails, one becomes deluded, dumb and actionless.  Mind modification is an effect of three attributes of nature that has three aspects known as higher, middle and lower nature respectively i.e. para . parapara and apara nature.  In these three the lower nature apra is sinful and a horribly dark force, it forcefully seizes one’s atomic psychic nature and bring it downwards.  Lord Krishna knows its dynamics hence he cautions “मम माया दुत्यया”. durtya means not just tough, for man transgresses even toughest; he says rather that it is ghor is not conquered unless one doesn’t surrender to Lord of Maya. Good and evil depends on all the three kinds of mind modifications hence instruction is that one should follow Lord’s dictation and keep  cultivating those thoughts that begets virtues and avoid asattvik ideas that begets evil. In such awareness to life one transgresses the mind modifications one day and steps in into the realm of knowledge and realization. One becomes capable to open himself in eternal life only when one accepts Lord’s law of life called Rit. Plenitude of all good things it in his eternal law. Law of life is not in opposition to life, it is not law at all rather life opens itself in it.

Gita’s psychoanalysis is of a sublime category, it says “सत्वात्संजायते ज्ञानं”Knowledge is impossible under lower grade of mind modifications i.e. tamsik and rajsik attributed to shudra personalities.  It is very much practical; everyone realizes that reading or meditation is impossible when one is greedy and restless.  For a good life and good world pure practice must be enacted in divine order for a life as such in its animalistic form is not valued but higher life is valued.  Life is not given for extinction as it were in its animality but to attain transcendental life.  Higher life is valued even if life as such is accepted because life is given for transgression in him who is said to be the absolute life ’param dhaam’. Those who had enjoyed divine life could sing divine song and loved humanity“किं प्रजया करिष्यामो येषां नोऽयमात्मायं लोकः “what we shall do with progeny for whom world has become his own self”.  Love is absolute, once you have learned loving, you love absolutely.  Entire world becomes your own self and subject of love.  We should learn to love and spread love in our society perhaps humanity is suffering from not having enough loved.
Remember this verse:
एकैव बोधजलधेः शक्तिशुक्तिर्जयत्यसौ ।
यदन्तनिर्खिलं भाति मुक्तामयमिदं जगत्।।
A pearl shell of the great ocean of enlightenment  is higher than anything in which entire world glitters like a pearl.


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