Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | June 27, 2012

LALIT loot in Lalit Kala Academy

I have already written few posts on art zombies, art robbers, art pimps and prostitutes on this blog.  Now corruption has also entered at only national art academy Lalit Kala Academy. Yesterday’s news published in Bhaskar has confirmed that corruption is a way of life in India; it has almost become a religion in Congress regime. We should ask, has India declined and degraded to the extreme that nothing has remained sacred? It seems perhaps that in India every one is a thief, it seems that people are fascinated by robbery or theft and corruption has becomes a new morality.  Globalization has brought us only corruption, it has produced the blood thirsty vampires and zombies who are bearing down heavily on masses.  The deeply irresponsible and criminal activities of the Zombies and Vampires (these MBA, Bankers and entrepreneurs are the real terrorists of economy)  who wreaked havoc on the global economy, ushering in the Great Recession (or whatever you want to call it) have caused untold hardship for people.  It is not only Capitalism that has collapsed in its own terms but art too has gone in its own terms. In both realms Zombies like Raja and common wealth scam guru Kalmadi are ideal, capitalism has worked really well for them; they knew how to achieve emptiness by emptying the national treasury.  Lalit Kala Academy from its very inception was seized by refugees, gang of bastards, fake artists and fake art promoters and it has been in controversies whether it was government purchase of art work or award distribution.  Academy has never been fair and faithful to artists and art in general. Many good and famous artists haven’t received national award while unknown copyists and lobbyists were awarded and their art works were purchased.  In forty years of its establishment Academy has evolved a class of parasite artists and art people who survive on its fund without doing any fruitful artistic works or any service to art even.  I had already reported about Garhi artist studio where many parasites have captured artist studio for many years and keep on enjoying its facilities at the cost of poor artists without any interruption. These parasites in Gardhi make no art but do politics and conspiracies with artists to loot  academy. Lalit Kala Academy officials and artist committee has converted it into a system of loot, from award distribution to purchase, publication to organizing a program, everything is an opportunity to make some money. National award has in majority of cases been given in exchange that means donate amount of award to the bastards of selection committee and take away achievement.  couple of  moths ago I visited Mr. Jyotish Joshi who was looking after Academy affairs since the secretary had resigned from his post or forced to resign because of his failure to organize Biennale . I had inquired about the publication of both Lalit Kala contemporary Magazines and asked him who the responsible people are? He replied that “He was looking after both language publications and when he gets spare time from his busy political schedule he publishes it”.  In fact, the publication of both magazines has suffered heavily in these years, Jyotish Joshi has been even unable to publish Hindi version regularly because he would be busy in the petty politics of Hindi literature.  His concern is not art but politics of Hindi literature; he follows his bureaucrat poet guru Ashok Bajpayee.  Ashok Bajpayee himself as a concerned man did nothing for art in five years of his tenure as president Lalit Kala Academy.  What he did in Academy? He had benefited his chelas and successfully took resignation of secretary Sudhakar Sharma, however after few months of exile he is back once again in his on the same post in Academy.  Sudhakar Sharma is a good man as I know him, he has done good works for Academy.  Joyotish Joshi has been transferred to north east for his dumbness and after expose of his political activities.
Congress government’s astronomic corruption has rocked the whole nation but who knew that it has silently penetrated a petty field like arts too that have meagerly few crore annual budget!  Lalit Kala Academy has a huge collection of more than ten thousand art works purchased from time to time from both national awardees and other known and unknown artists from art camps in all these four decades. In its collection many art works are precious for art history if Indian art has created any history as these works of many famous artists belong to their early years. Lalit Kala Academy collection has few excellent works of artists Manjit Bawa, Swaminathan, Himmat Shah’s erotic works that once rocked London, Biren Day, Santosh G.R, Krishan Khanna, Ram Kumar, Arpita singh,  Sabawala etc.  According to news reports, in physical verification process it was revealed that thousand of art works have gone missing from the collection. Report has revealed that more than 450 paintings have been stolen, 250 paintings are missing in record and 450 painting have been destroyed.  Strangely! Hundreds of original paintings have been replaced with fake copies.  It was said that painting went missing during its travel from Dilli to Daulta baad. Assistant Secretary says that still physical verification is going on and new result is being awaited.  I had called Secretary Sudhakar Sharma in morning today to confirm the corruption but he refuted the allegation and accused Sri Kant for conspiracy. Mr. Sharma has tried to convince me ‘You know very well that if such corruption; stealing and faking would have taken place in Academy it wouldn’t have been hidden under carpet for a decade’. We do not know yet what new revelations complete physical verification would bring out perhaps many more works might be missing or it will be declared a conspiracy.  The corruption in Academy is not huge but it is serious issue as for as art is concerned.  It should be investigated by a team of art experts to  save the shattered hope of  artists especially new artists.



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