Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | May 22, 2012

Capitalist conquerors and the Art entrepreneurs

This body of works doesn’t have any emotions” – “Erotic Wounds” by Blodsow Vs

“The mystic provides the example of the method whereby the inner and outer may be joined; the schizophrenic, the tragic result when they are separated”- Walpnick

Priyanka Gandhi is a nice and beautiful lady and I liked her very much but the very day my perception changed when on my facebook wall her inspirational quote appeared. It is her habit that in spite of sharing anything sublime she uses to share inspirational quotes. That day it was something like this: “Life is like climbing the mountain as you reach on the top you have a beautiful vision”.  Simply according to this reason only the conquering of a territory opens the door to a good life. I had unconsciously commented that it was a sheer mercantile view of the good sense life that unless you are not on the top you have no sense of beautiful and no view of good life. I had also emphasized that it was a sheer pragmatism of a munib i.e. of a manager and suspected, whether she does carry the spirit of her leadership lineage or not?  What a manager aspires for his entire life if not absurdity? Or reaching at company’s top post no matter by what means perhaps rather often through criminality by making company or market itself a pretty much hell! It was managerial instrumentalism theory of loot that brought Wall Street to the point of crash and global recession.  I have no much idea about market principles but the managerial pragmatism suggests you that it is about believe in a positive project; in a certain practice of pragmatism to acquire fortune which is both money and women. Bourgeoisie mercantile cult of initiative and discovery aims less at reconciling man with himself than at securing for him something unknown “future”.

Good life means simply money and women. Man is dominated by the making of money, by acquisition as the ultimate purpose of his life. In fact, the summum bonum of this good sense so called professional ethic has no end other than, the earning of more and more money, combined with the strict avoidance of all spontaneous enjoyment of life.  It is above all completely devoid of any substance and life hence the symptom of sheer hedonism is apparent in very sphere of life from karnatka assembly porn gate episode to rave party of upper middle class zombies.  It is thought of so purely as an end in itself, that from the point of view of the happiness of, or utility to the single individual, it appears entirely transcendental and absolutely irrational so far so that it concludes itself into nihilism. Indian bourgeoisie society in its all corruption and lies is still in a denial mode because it is the universal mode of the unconscious of the middle class individuals rooted no doubt in this very  unconscious irrationalism.  We do not know whether it is capitalism or something else but one thing is very clear that the movement of the present bourgeoisie consciousness as well as the class of petty bourgeoisie that forms its core is vampiric in essence.  Vampiric is a right word for this so called Mayavi class than the zombies who sucks blood of the people, fantasizes individual desires in relation to the class desire that empowers it and celebrates it being indifferent to time and space. Interestingly Vampiric individual are restless for ‘more and more blood’ therefore the entrepreneur of this class are transcendentalists in many ways; they transcend anything that is a hindrance whether it is relationship or ethics.

Vampiric individuals do transgress and in it they simply forget everything human or rather perhaps being human is considered a sin today. In the development of capitalism in west the ethics of sin was considered pure than that of the Good. Vampire too thinks that his spirit is purer than that of a Christian saint even if it dies for sexual relationship with his daughter or sister.  If petty bourgeoisie is clamor being as I use to call them it is because of thirst of the blood, of the guiding pleasure principle hence because of this slavishness and objectivity the big Vampires-the bourgeoisie is able to train them, objectively, as a worker in the service of their own desire. It thereby further, subjectively, assures the salvation of their desire in Rava party. The life of a vampiric individual in the current Indian bourgeoisie state of affair is guided by death instinct directed solely toward a transcendental end, for which cocaine and flesh is very much essential.  Death instinct of Vampires saves the class it serves thus a part of humanity is saved, the rest damned. It is not that it is a phenomenon just apparent in media and Cricket industry; it has become almost universal in every field where entrepreneurial mentality exists. Even in the sublime fields like art it is very much apparent, professional art galleries train’ contemporary artists and curators like entrepreneurs with an altogether a distinguished vampiric mentality.  For example, in Art galleries they do hire clerks’ type women or male workers to work in gallery, hang paintings and show it to the buyer but gradually they promote few faithful among them as an art historian or curator or as an editor of the gallery produced art magazines. Vicious circle has synchronized so much so that outsiders are considered a threat hence every one is chosen entity.  Interestingly the professionally ill gallery owner looks deep inside the eyes of man or women to be chosen to authenticate the spirit of faithfulness always with a threat “”Are you really faithful to me? No betrayer? No Judas?”. Everything henceforth would be developed inside the camp; it is something like reproduction of vampiric eggs in the dark chambers as we see in Hollywood movies.  What they do for it? They send “the select” for few months to some foreign organizations or culture centers for a crash course on humanities or aesthetics, for self development, that’s it!  When they return form short apprenticeship in humanities and aesthetics, they return as a father of aestheticians, art critics and even philosophers with a dominant and confident spirit. He/she is a confident being now, painting hanging being, and furious curator if not curious, talkative editor, and art historian, manager and art- market analyst in one enslaved individual.  But next day some unknown bustard from outside might insert his loaded dick in their ass and may ask, bitch! Tell me what is the difference between modernism and internationalism? Wasn’t modernism internationalism from the very outset? Loz ! What  refied existences with their illusory confident self can do with such subduing being who says “वेम्पायरानाम् वशं न आगच्छेत”?

Art vampires who had surfaced during art market boom time have almost abandoned art SECTOR that was considered the most adventurous realm with their heavy discourses of art-money-honey.  Vampire means “where blood is there I am’, therefore it was a natural outcome.  I think another most important thing to know is that they had begun their adventures preconceiving the premise that ‘there is uncertainty’ hence everything must be quick and must be guided by pragmatic reason of profit. Neville Tuli a student of economics and planning from London school of economics at Oxford found Indian art sector a perfect field to practice planning and economics.  In between India and London he was an intermezzo being but he had settled in India temporarily to build an empire through art. Globalization was spatial hence global people never forget temporality of spatial, its expansion and synchronization, its urban and rural, its local and global dimensions perhaps merchants knew that the secret of spatiality of money is also the secret of spatiality itself, Marx says as Jameson points out.  In his managerial project catalogue of art planning ‘Indian contemporary painting’, he begins with “there is uncertainty” perhaps of boom and opportunities. Being an electron being in globalization movement Tuli felt a strong need of art infrastructure in India that could provide a creative environment and platform for artists  in which as he thought  “Creativity will then underpin the value of daily life.” Without a solid art infrastructure a contemporary culture is unable to play its role in daily life. Neville Tuli’s MBA mind imagined that it was because of  the absence of contemporary art that there is narrow mediocre political agenda to elevate poverty dominated by indiscipline economic and religious life. But what contemporary art agenda he had had? He wrote from universalism point of view thus, “At present the logic by which the infrastructure has evolved reveals a highly regionalized attitude, unconducive to the spirit of creativity. Local priorities are in conflict, as no HOLISTIC vision which critically disciplines the local, holds credibility. We have, paradoxically, regionalism going hand with economically enforced globalization, a narrow inwardness with a sluggish internationalism. Globalization, an economic and technically inspired movement, is unable to tackle the narrow mental rigidities which build up in the mind when faced with a vast plurality of new ideas and people……Hand in hand with this plurality, the daily violence and indignity on every street corner, makes vision of vast unifying thread nonsense. When such a thread emerges dogmatic of god come to stake (thank god he did not say Marxist), leading to a partial picture”. Then he invokes the master’s consciousness of Zombies and says since situation is quite bizarre we (artists, gallery, collectors, and curators) collectively assemble in the secret chamber to contemplate.  He like leader of zombies writes, “Wisdom of how to tackle such situations depends on the ability to institutionalize self criticism. It is self-criticism which link change with continuity”.  The holy call for the contemplation was on how to command the local, the majority scattered throughout the nation or perhaps the poor who spreads indignity in city streets through aesthetic but it was not an AESTHETIC for he endows it a job that how a platform is created on which aesthetics is performed “that ensures and is ensured an INSPIRATIONAL ROLE?” In Gita there is a very nice inspirational verse that says that if every one acts and behaves according to one’s natural mind modifications then what inspirations or such teachings can do”“निग्रहः किं करिष्यति”?

Neville Tuli is the best possible example in Indian art entrepreneurship, the cases of artist’s entrepreneurship is even worst.  On NDTV a film director ‘Vidhu Vinod Chopra’ said in its “walk to talk program’ with Mr. Shekhar that “Money has never been a motivational factor in my creative endeavors” contrary to his saying, in sublime art field money is the only motivational factor. On the same channel other day in a program artist Subodh Gupta said to his wife Bharti Kher “I had nothing then, I were no where; I simply married you in hope that you will help me settle in London”. Even such  sacred relationships too are not more than a money relationship. Artist’s motivation of money reaches to the point of madness when he even forgets that he is an artist. In boom time of Indian art entrepreneur artists had almost stopped contemplation on art and truth; in money madness being indifferent to critics they would mock writers : “what is this shit called art criticism and art theory?” or when the issue of originality, validity and fakeness of art is raised many would in their page three delirium frustratingly abuse the poor critics:”fuck! These evils are always problematic to our spiritual practice perhaps envious of our economic progress”.  All believed blindly in Oxford returned entrepreneur Neville Tuli that there is some abstract grid that is still inadequately abstract upon which “economic generates knowledge and wisdom”, his words.  Culture theorists and Marxists should diagnose the abstract grid on which rely our wisdom, culture and truth.  We are always accused of “anti-progress” but we were never against progresses; we simply did our job whenever we felt that art is becoming prostitution and forgery. Art was mercilessly murdered by zombies and vampires in the abstraction of globalized economic zone. There is an electrical power failure like a cosmic blinking of the eyelids. When will electricity arrive and there will be light? Only when Jesus will speak in his mystical gesture:“let there be a light”.


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