Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | April 13, 2012

Right to Education Act means Democratization of Education

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. For what is a man advantaged, if he gains the whole world, and loses himself, or be cast away?” –Luke

Indian democracy has fought its battle against Brahmanism not to create another Brahmanism rather to demolish it forever so that the minds of people could attain its sovereign self nature. Ancient Brahmanism has largely been eradicated but in post-independent India another Brahmanism came into existence with English language. It is language, various forms of knowledge and aspiration of power that brings demon called Elite and its ideology elitism into existence. In all these sixty years distribution of justice was our main consideration and significant political struggles took place in post independent India for it alone; most importantly Mandal Commission. Mandal has been a path breaking step in our history towards social justice. It is because of this step in social justice that we do here other historically oppressed voices. India has recognized that justice is linked to knowledge which traditionally has been under the control of elites whether it is general education or specific education or even most specific Gandharva type education of dance and music which is still under strict control of few families in the name of art. Art is a privilege of elites not because of art rather because of money. Gandharva classical music is no more God’s music, it is through and through commercial today yet conservative elites don’t open their doors for the people. Knowledge and art should not be a privilege of some elite class; it is for every one and should be distributed equally.  The Supreme Court today upheld the constitutional validity of the Right to Education Act that reserves 25 per cent free seats to poor students in government and private unaided schools, except minority institutions. Supreme Court decision on “the right to education act” is a welcome decision not only because 25% poor children will have a good education opportunity rather because it will also provide them with good facilities that they would need. Poor boys however should not think that they are going to get something higher; nothing higher exists in these factories except some facilities and opportunities. Merchants of education industry are not denying right of education to the poor but the enchanting facility in which they have invested heavily and which makes it a school ill-ite. On the other hand Elites raise objection against all inclusive education system simply because it does not only help eradicate the social disparity but also breaks their illusion of hegemony of knowledge which today perhaps in the age of electronic media doesn’t exist at all.  

Elite class thinks that they have some special knowledge to rule society or to run companies which is an illusion rather a myth. Elite education system in India like all other education institutions hasn’t contributed anything as for as knowledge is concerned. We possibly can’t get a quality research from any institution elite or non-elite. Our greatest university produces fake research papers often by privileged researchers because of contacts and relationships yet we humbly recognize that elite schools can produce few clever company managers and traders. Every one knows the fact that still great engineers, doctors and company managers are produced in government run and supported institutions like IIT and IIMS. If Medical collages and IITs can facilitate 50% reservation in education that brings them sure shot job, then why private schools can’t? Second most important factor is class consciousness and culture that inclusion of poor children will break and democratize it in fact. In TV debates majority of bourgeoisie representatives  opposed democratization of education.  Upper class societies of rich do not want to go beyond in life against its material interest. Elite think that with having a privileged category they can have a privilege of “being” too that is almost an illusion and we see that often the case is opposite. In order to have good education facilities we must have things but “being’ doesn’t necessarily follows it, either Jesus won’t teach, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it” or Hindu scriptures ‘ten tyakten bhunjithah”. In our cultural tradition educationist doesn’t teach that the supreme goal is to have-and to have more and more to that extent that Indian man has fallen to the status of robbers. How can there be an alternative between having and being? How the essence of being can be found in having more and more gold; that if one has nothing, one is nothing. The negation of essence of being creates a being that losses every human substance, one apparently stops thinking; one becomes almost indifferent to the people at large. President Pratibha Patil’s case is a classical example now in front of us; she is almost non-sensitive to the people’s situation. We have seen great minds like Radha krishnana, Abdul Kalam, Rajendra Prasad on President’s chair but first time we have seen such a pervert, emotionally bankrupt and non-sensitive president. In this case Buddha is right that one can be resplendent in glory because of the glory of crown but such glory exhausts with the loss of the crown; great is he who doesn’t loss his glory after having lost his crown.  Therefore I think elites should learn it and in spite of pursuing de-humanization pursue humanism in life. 

Elites always create a closed system in which discursive practices like all exclusive program could be practiced. In all exclusive education system one can’t evolve great knowledge and wisdom rather it would have a kind of system of perversion. We from our experience know that in majority of cases all productive people come from lower middle class strata and non-elite education system.  In media and education industry majority of people come from rural areas and from lower grade schools and they are more liberated individualities, less pervert minds than those who come from convent schools. Elite system of schooling is discursive practice which is characterized by the demarcation of rich and poor i.e. in Marxist term class divide. Unfortunately the upper class that defends their closed system of education in the name of quality education has no quality at all (the aura of quality that has been built around five star school environment is an illusion) except this that they teach self-concern leading subjects to the bourgeoisie self-preservation mentality to its extreme if possible that no civilized- spiritual education system teaches.

Elite schools do teach students that concern yourself’ with your wealth, your reputation and with honors but be practical about your virtue and your soul. The kind of vulgar pragmatism they teach is evil however they barely realize it or perhaps it is the divine quality that is demanded in bourgeoisie society. Real perfection requires that one should spend each day not without profit, one should profit every minute without wasting of time and when one goes to sleep one must contemplate “what progress I have made  today” and then next day one should begin with a new spirit of acquisition drive. Spirit of Competition would be cultivated from the very beginning so that when student passes out it is ascertained that he has acquired a desired speed. It seems that in elite school confinements army is being cultivated not values and life. Children are taught in a normal course that they no longer have any bonds with general people i.e. the bastards and responsible for anything pertaining to them. A coldness that we have nothing to do with the people and the society, a totally indifferent mind toward whatever happens to everyone else except for a few to whom they are closely related. A different kind of class consciousness is being manufactured in these elite schools.

Future is manufactured who is supposed to be a technological man with attitude of violence – the archaic tendency toward violence is essential characteristic of upper class urban society. Violence is encouraged in an unknown fear that their children confined in big houses don’t become impotent so we see production of “kamina” and Amir khan’s “three idiots” type films for these poor children, abuse and violence has been accepted in films as positive quality, as a catalyst for the babies gone impotent; sheela ki jawani, munni ki jawani all these films are directed towards the girls and boys of this class. Juvenile criminals, who often rape in running cars in metro cities, kill teachers, rape maid are products of these upper class strata and all are pass outs of elite schools. Such crisis occurs in the elite class families for the simple reason that they don’t teach children the value of life or life as such. Rich children are given immediate “luxury” to replace the crisis of being, in absence of learning capacity and the inner worth “luxury school -knowledge package” is given to enhance their feeling of worth “so what, we have this ground!”. In fact with each luxury package objectification takes place and being is replaced thus gradually the rich boy learns that nothing is more important than the money. Interestingly grounding of materialism in matter (which becomes Atma itself-subjective essence.) is Bourgeoisie ideology; Marxists never gives primacy of matter over mind. These criminalized boys later become manipulative bourgeoisie, who intensely feel incapable of any true experience; for that very reason he becomes cold and unresponsiveness – mentally ill individual with regressive attitude and absolutely nihilist. The elite schools are the factories in which these overall criminalized beings are produced-although these schools usually claim they mean to bring the students in touch with the highest achievements of the human mind. In fact, reservation of 25% poor children will bring great things to the elite schools that they are missing-the culture that they talk can’t be compared to the culture that the poor children will bring to these confinements. It will of course determine the consciousness of the new subject that new India badly needs. It is a new opening to the greater truth of life.




  1. very good article sir. eliticism must be rejectd.

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