Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | April 11, 2012

Suffocation of the womb and the treatment

Religious Perversion is universal in many ways, it is found everywhere and thread of perversion runs across all religions irrespective of colors.  History tells us that Christian priests  practiced sexual perversions including sadism and masochism to its extreme, torture was sought religiously.  Middle ages priestly universe was compared with anal universe, an anal universe where all differences are abolished…. All that is taboo, forbidden or sacred is devoured by the digestive tract, an enormous grinding machine disintegrating the molecules of the mass thus obtained in order to reduce it to excrement.”  Perversion of middle ages bourgeoisie and Christian priests is a classic case of cruelty, their perversion led them to invent a piston syringe which was used in treatment of women convicted by the word of God. God had spoken from the mouth of Pope that such and such women is a witch or such and such women is desiring truth and knowledge, or such and such women is making love to a man not sanctioned by law has a suffocated womb and by God’s order she must be cured. It was cured by injecting half meter long syringe in women’s hip.  The social oppressors of Christian religion would tie down the patient like animals in a machine similar to animal hospitals and used to inject the syringe into buttock of the patient several times and then would ask them if she had anything to say. She would at each torment, cry out, “Pardon, my God! Pardon, Lord.” Despite all this pain, she would he head from time to time and look at herself boldly.  If in the case first case there would be too much drama, resistance from women’s part Christian priest would order that renewed efforts be made, and when this was done it the spread of thighs was expected. The women would have to confess to them: “Kiss me, gentlemen.”

Piston gun syringe was invented for the treatment by an Italian  in d. 1496. Until the sixteenth century, it were usually administered by lower-caste servants. Later for higher class women syringe was designed in a new way that could be administered without anyone’s aid i.e a “self-service” syringe was invented. All women were endangered, those without benefit of marriage-virgins, nuns, and widows were especially prone to several kinds of psychological illness and treatment with piston gun. Women were fucked religiously, even preteens were not spared.



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