Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | April 7, 2012

Maa Mamata Benarjee leading people to the dark ages

Tendency of Bourgeoisie political parties has been regressive and in their regressivism what is irrelevant becomes most relevant. Deletion of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – founders of Marxism – from history syllabus in government schools in West Bengal is a conservative move and should be criticized by every one. West Bengal’s Trinmul congress regression is towards Bengali conservatism, its young leader Derek O Brain says “We must balance history. History doesn’t begin with Bolshevik and end at Jyoti Basu. Marx, I believe should be studied as a historical phenomenon but not at the expense of the Mahatma, and not at the expense of Mandela.. History preceded them and will survive them. Marx should be studied as a historical phenomenon but not at the expense of Mahatma and Mandela. Bengal after three decades is redressing balance, not doctoring history” , it shows the kind of regression TMC is talking about. Sanyasi type Andolan  which were actually math-bachao andolan becomes a subject of world history and must be taught in history books in order to promote conservatism, irrationalism and overall regionalism. In the making of Indian history the role played by Marxism is being denied by feudalistic bourgeois and those who contributed nothing in making of our history are being enthrones as deities of liberation. I mean, what Nelson Mandela has to do with Indian history and people, how Indian people can relate their history to him? Marxism is still widely practiced political ideology world over not only in India, and still oppressed find hope of a better future only in it. Marx’s world view is still most relevant and his revolutionary ideas are still most potent which bourgeoisie always thinks a permanent threat lingering on their head.

India’s great philosophical tradition of Vedanta teaches us that only truth can’t be negated, in every case it is always mithya or ignorance that is negated. It is a natural process and anyone who rejects it brings tragedy to humanity. Greatest mistake that Mao made was the constant rejection of this natural contradiction however he was theoretician of the ‘principles of contradiction’. Truth of history whether it is evil or good can’t be negated in revenge since it has been inscribed on the pages of history; only thing that humanity can do with these truths is to take its progressive aspects and move in positive direction. Mao’s mistake in ‘cultural revolution’ was his illogical endeavor of total annihilation of history of truth and lies and to start a fresh page. He didn’t understand that people’s unrealized inspirations too are inscribed in the pages of history. Mao couldn’t understand that in a radical revolution people not only invent new modes of dreaming but also wish to  ‘realize their old dreams’ . Another thing is that one can not abolish differences  as Indian bourgeoisie propagates these days that good and evil are synonymous that corruption is Indian morality. When such nihilism is pursued it only spreads ignorance and brings mahisasura.  What mistake Mao did is being regularly committed by Indian feudalistic politicians; they do not want to learn at all from the mistakes of history to progress in right direction so that humanity is emancipated. They want to close every chance of human liberation, cultural, spiritual, social, political every things is being corrupted for their personal petty interests. Illiterate leaders come with their concept of ‘change the history’ with illiteracy and superstition, to convert people into beasts crawling on earth so that they can carry on their eating everything out practice shamelessly like demons. 

Marx is always accused of being outdated by the bourgeois rapidly regressing to feudalistic values, castism and inequality. Only thing that is dangerous in their eyes is Truth. Bhagat Singh, Chadra Sekhar Azad, Bismillah khan etc. still did not get their right place in making of Indian history for Gandhi considered them terrorists and for simple reason that they pursued Leninist path to freedom. History has documented this fact too that when British asked Gandhi what to do with imprisoned Bhagat Singh, Gandhi silently escaped by saying ‘do whatever you want to”. Indian feudalistic bourgeoisie hides this historical fact simply because it exposes their ideal of hypocrisy. They don’t want any kind of truth to prevail however they would carry on their ass “satyamewa jayate’ hiding ‘nanritam i.e. not untruth or mithya’. Bourgeoisie would keep on saying that Marxism may be all very good in theory but wherever it has been put into practice, it brought us terror, tyranny and mass murder on an inconceivable scale but they forget their world’s largest scale mass murder in Auschwitz, their mass murder in Guatemala, in Philippines, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and many other mass murders in several poor countries, Atomic explosion on Hiroshima and Nagasaki just to check out the magnitude of its destructive power etc.

They say Marxism might look like a good idea to Western thinking academics who can take freedom and democracy for granted. For millions of ordinary men and women is only famine, hardship, torture, forced labor, a destruction of economy and a monstrously oppressive state. Those who continue to support the theory are self-deceived and mentally ill. Socialism means lack of freedom overall ; it also means a lack of material goods, since this is bound to be the result of abolishing markets. So on and so, but the slavery that has been created by Capitalism is forgotten. Indian bourgeoisie do not discuss why in 63 years Capitalism could bring a little bit prosperity to Indians, why still more than half of Indian population live below twenty nine rupees per day? India bourgeoisie wouldn’t mention why it creates large scale of prostitution, why children are being raped every minute, why women are being victimized every minute in offices and on roads, who is doing large scale loot and corruption, who is selling nation to foreigners etc.

Bourgeoisie is illiterate, it doesn’t understand Marx. Marx never opposed Market and Capital, Hannah Arendt one of the good German bourgeoisie thinker described that the opening pages of the Communist Manifesto is ‘‘the greatest praise of capitalism you ever saw.’ Comrade Vinod Mishra the founder of CPIML and a very good Marxist rightly says that “Marxism is not a theory of poverty, it is a theory of abundance” Chinese Communes party has shown us it’s another possibility; it opens another path towards progress. TMC’s mother Mamta Benarjee has become a mad women; she is a paranoiac leading the land of great Tagore now towards darkness and backwardness if not to an asylum. Once Bengali intelligentsia’s progressiveness lead India but now they have lost the potentia and if leaders like Mataji would keep on leading them they will loss everything. Interestingly TMC’s slogan “Maa mati Manush’ in its tone is fascistic, you can easily compare it with Nazi slogans of our great feudalistic motherland-fatherland.



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