Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | January 16, 2012

Buddhist frustration and trampling of all Hindu gods.

It is a fact that after theological defeat from Adi Sankar’s Advait Buddhist lost all grounds in India ..they had no option left except to escape. They escaped in mountain caves of Tibet and started expressing their frustration while fucking backward tribes of Tibet in the name of Dharma. Buddhist Chintamni Kuber is nothing more than a political frustration and it is not only Buddhist idol in which Hindu God was fucked but there are many more. They created army of demons to fuck Hindu gods.  Yamantaka the buffalo demon is an expression of their horrible anger, he tramples all Hindu gods BRAHMA, VISHNU, SHIVA, INDRA,GANESH,KUMAR,AGNI,VARUN all are fucked like tiny creatures under his feet, no major powerful deity is left and he drinks blood of Hindu god of creation Brahma. Buddhist perversion is not a spiritual perversion at all for after theological defeat they had nothing to offer to the so called sentient beings; it was a perversion of power crazy monks who were unable to forget those glorious days when they raped women, murdered people, looted wealth not from people but also from temples. Yamantaka Tantra mannual of the head pope of Ganden monetaryexplains how this mahishasura demon  fucks Hindu gods. Buddhism has never been a religion in true sense for it never enjoyed people’s support. It was a political religion from the very beginning and always sought political support for grounding.  In every country Tibet, Sri Lanka, China, Bhutan including India Buddhism was  established  through political power.



  1. Seriously? I don’t think you know what you are talking about….It’s one of the most peaceful and tolerant religions around. Maybe you should actually read a book or two to get the essence of what the religion is all about.

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