Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | May 26, 2011

Antilla house: A symbol of bourgeois loot

Painting by BLODSOW

Frustrate with Greek Bourgeoisie Timon cries out in dejection:
Nothing I’ll bear from thee,
But nakedness, thou detestable town!
Take thou that too, with multiplying bans!
Timon will to the woods; where he shall find
The unkindest beast more kinder than mankind.
And then he invokes the sun god:
O blessed breeding sun, draw from the earth
Rotten humidity; below thy sister’s orb
Infect the air!

—-The Tragedy of Timon of Athens {Shakespeare)
A very young and sensitive artist from  South India Bladsow ( he too is no less frustrate than Timon) has send me this image of his recent work. He says this is his resistance and criticism to the  27-story sky scraper built by  Mukesh Ambani for his wife costing more than $ 1 billion. Antilla house is a new symbol of bourgeois luxury, it is a shameless exhibition of bourgeois money power and status built over in five decades of incessant loot with the help of political class. Chasm between poor and rich has widened in these decades of blind loot and exploitation. Marx’s words would always be invoked here who wrote ” Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.” Bourgeoisie has employed all the cynical tactics against the poor masses.  Bourgeois have resurrected all kinds of immoral and unethical deeds  into high spiritual values. All kinds of loot,corruptions and  robbery have become virtue of self preservation even nirvana. No one is out there who dares to speak truth of  the rotting bourgeoisie soul that is festering on surface; every lie, hypocrisy and rotten values are being garlanded and worshiped. Unfortunate condition is that those clever holy businessmen of religion in saffron dress  applause the loot and describe it a necessity for the national growth. One among these blood thirsty saffron criminals would even cross all yoga planes and invokes murder and war (recently Ramdeva asked India to attack Pakistan. If America can enter in Pakistan like a robber, India too must..) Whosoever would speak truth is an enemy of nation and its class progress, whosoever voices against bourgeois loot and exploitation not only of people  but also of nature is a gangerous revolutionary and anti-national.

Law of prostitution must take its course, the holy spirit of loot must be preserved by all holy means. Political order has become impotent and mercantile order  is all powerful thus government shamelessly says “we can’t do anything about anything whether it is about price rise of commodity prices or about national loot; everything is controlled by market”. Where is the citizen? he is an abstract subject who has no will, his will has been captured by the magician.

In 60 years of contemporary art we barely find any art work that exhibits and registers resistance against  rampant exploitation of the bourgeoisie; if some one paints it he paints it with empty gesture, makes it decorative so that no one could  recognize it .  Art of resistance does not exist, if it exists it exists as a true reifcation; it argues in the favor of brutalizing forces.  There is no need of truth and concern for the society, nobility of artist shines on the doors of Antilla house. Artists are taught and made to behave like  good nonsensitive children of bourgeoisie , they do not see (so called mythic word perceive) anything wrong in Capital’s exploitation.  Art’s creative and sensitive voices  has been silenced, it does not speak of which Baudelaire long ago mourned– Art is pitiful. Everything has been raised to the level of prostitution from journalism to artistry, every thing that is called sublime aspect of humanity has been translated in terms of code and directed against the poor masses. Although artist liars do swear daily  about art commitment and spiritualism and do hotchpotch of post-modernism in which post- is already nonexistent.  They too are simply not oathable ; people have no hope from such prostitution.  A mourning is needed at this juncture, there is no mourning and without it there can’t be true representation.

A full post on it soon on web…



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