Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | May 20, 2011

Truth and the immanence of Language

‘Atha’ of ‘athato Brahmajigyasa’ is taken up not out of anxiety as in western philosophy, for ‘jigyasa’ cannot come from anxiety rather it comes from a superior sense ‘to know the truth’ in order to liberate oneself(  From jigyasa follows mumuksha i.e. intense feeling of liberation) . Jigyasa i.e. ‘to know the truth’ is a spiritual awakening, not a means to attain some good profit (for it exhausts, as Upanishad says ‘punya loko cha chiyate’). It has only one objective that is to reach the pure point of intuiting or pure thinking and attain liberation.  ‘Atha’ is the proclamation of a higher form of philosophy, it is an opening of the miraculous eyes to Truth hence it is called “darshana” in India.



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