Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | May 1, 2011


Born, Kiki Smith

Violence is the essence of nature ..nonviolence is a pause in between two violences.

[ Equation for the true poetic life]

we begin with violence and end in it. every one realizes it but does not accept. For example ,the very intimacy of male-female is violence and it ends in violence. Mother gives birth to a child in violence . Baby’s first cry is a violence

Speech itself is a violence . Language itself is a violence . On canvas colors do violence, they exist in perpetual revolt. Every making ‘sense’ is a violence. every representation is violence.

Poetizing is violence. Poet violates the silence of that which wants to be quite. The will is violence whether it is Men’s will or God’s. We move from violence to violence. A Vocalist violates the swaras to create a raga. Even what you call spontaneity itself occurs in violence. Going inside is an act of violence. Meditation is a violence.

Everything is violence from avowal to refusal, negation to affirmation.

Only ignorant talk about non-violence.

..what more proof you need?

-Rajesh Shukla


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