Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | April 30, 2011

Fascists were art lovers

Fascists made paintings of nature on human skin (of dead victims) and real sculptures from the dead victims head and exhibited it . Here are few video stills from the official video made in 1945 after Germany was ceased by Russians and allies.

Bourgeois is essentially pervert, he can do nothing without blood and torture, blood and torture is a form of self-enjoyment for him. German corporate fascism is not an end, bourgeois perversion knows no end; he still loves blood and war very much. In contemporary art we still see this tendency, bourgeois still demands blood and horror. British artist Marc Quinn is a pioneer in this field and one of the flag bearer of the contemporary art. He makes sculptures from the human blood and international bourgeois whose blood thirst is never quenched collects his sculptures as high spiritual art and trades it. Cruelty is the movement of bourgeois culture.

–I can promise you a  good post very soon on this quite a serious subject. It frustrates me to think culture in a different way, from altogether another point of view.


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