Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | April 28, 2011

Even suffering is demanded

Entire criminal law follows the equation of debt : injury done=pain to be suffered. how can one pay back with ‘suffering’ ? an eye must be evoked that extracts pleasure from the event (this has nothing to do with vengeance)–it is the eyes of the God who enjoy the cruel spectacles and in punishment there is so much that is festival.

King’s Panopticon view tells us about the pervert’s eye that not only watches and commands but also takes pleasure in the suffering of criminals. and it is this perversion that crosses its limit one days and moves forward to creates massive celebration–an event ..he criminalizes the entire race ( as Jews were criminalized by German fascists and were persecuted ..they enjoyed this big mass murder as a sacred ritual…AND NOW in India BJP/RSS fascists demand the same) 

Marx remarks on bourgeois criminal law ” even suffering and cruelty is demanded” .   AND here comes the question of spirituality and culture. how humans are cultured any way? ..Humans are still savage. ! Spiritual still doesn’t exist.


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