Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | April 8, 2011

For the white slaves

This white slave (at jantar mantar)/ wants new institution -for prostitution ; bless the accurse’d

Shakespeare would say they would swear against prostitution, terribly swear but would surrender to it at the end. And we would cry: You, the whores, you who are prostitutes itself, you who give yourselves to Gold, you who give yourselves for Gold, you who confuse in faith and lie, in true and false go on prostituting ..your trade continues. People know that you are faithful to your natural instincts, the fidelity and prostitution, to the Manu’s law and terrible forms of patriarchy. People have come to know that beneath the white garment there lives an animal, under the roof  of Gandhi’s  Ahram there were games of pussy-anal- anal-pussy. People know your trade is  instinctual. Hold up you sluts, your ghaghra-sadi and keep trading, keep oathing… We know your strange mystification of nature and truth, it is you who declare shamelessly ” nature is prostitution”  as it enslaves itself faithfully–betrayal is your morality. You are betraying us for 60 years.  We know your holy discourse of incessant simulation, your axiomatics.

People are upset. People need no more prostitutes. People need no more white slaves and their betraying indiologem. People need  gravediggers- heroes. People want to settle account with these prostitutes–call them white zombies. These corrective strategies of bourgeois has been exposed, people have come to know that it is not only leaders who are corrupt but corporates and media too is corrupt . People are getting wisdom today, they are recognizing the entire play of prostitution.  People have got wisdom that there are whores everywhere who defer every attempt of emancipation of the masses. Truth is unthinkable, impossible; only the face of Gold is truth . In its luster whore attain salvation.

No more illusion, no more falsity; no more nihilism. We have reached the point of departure. Let us dig these prostitutes deep down the earth with peasant’s’ belcha together with their trade.


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