Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | October 1, 2010

The flower opens without noise

Here is a man in a cell, not knowing whether his death sentence has been given, with only an hour left to find out, or with just that hour left to get it revoked, if he knows that the sentence has been given. It is against nature to use that hour, not to seek out the sentence, but to play piquet.’

(While imprisoned IN Italy Negro wrote this line.(One of the Marxist who formulated a revolutionary Marxism with a materialist theology following Althusser)

He was too tough to experience disappointments and resentments – negative affections. In this nihilist fin de siècle, he was affirmation. Right through to illness and death. Why did I speak of him in the past? He laughed, he is laughing, he is here. It’s your sadness, idiot, he’d say.–in this way Lyotard interprets his mode.


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