Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | September 25, 2010

Museums are cultural conspiracies of the bourgeois

Walter Benjamin

A culture space below of the mud; and a culture space up above of the sparkling

Why museums and archives have no use for us? why they are a threat for the people at large! because museums are institutions of repression. It’s over all a nomological principle, it is a center of authority where lies are produced as truth. It is another cultural logic of  the late capitalism. Archives are archives but art museum too are archives where stuffs are being archived selectively and logically. It is a place ‘there’ where things commence–physical, historical or ontological–but also principle according to law, ‘there’ where men and gods command,’there’ where authority, social order are exercised. It is the place from which order is given.

It is above all a power center, a cultural archive of a class through which they wish to command history to exploit humanity. Every thing that is being archived is under principle of commandment.  According to Derrida its meaning comes from Greek word ‘arkheion’: initially a house, a domicile, an address, the residence of the superior magistrates, the archons; those who command. Those who possess power and possess right to command, represent and issue laws. Museums and Archives are cultural conspiracies of the bourgeois, museums are the center of cultural authority.  Anything that will be archived or museumized will have some power to command, a hermeneutical right to define cultural history. In these power centers every thing will be archived and museumized according to the cultural logic of the corporates. It is repressive bourgeois movement against the sublime, against reason and thus therefore against humanity.

I have my own archive so I HAVE the power to interpret culture history.  Private museums and archives are power centers, a cultural weapon center against multitudes. According to Foucault Museums are bourgeois enlightenment institutions that embodies state power and strive to order the world according to the universal rules and concepts of world history in Hegelian term.  He suggests us to refute this bourgeois logic of repression in order to have a secular culture.  Foucault says that one must rely on enlightenment value of  critics, freedom and progress in order to reject enlightenment’s relation of power and capital.

Museums are  a cultural space designed by corporate where whatever will be represented will be declared  authentic and a TRUTH historical. Nothing authentic is outside of this space. No doubt this is a big conspiracy against the masses.  Museums and Archives are the centers of repressive private art and culture.




  1. पढा सर। फक् दिस । अब हम आपके द्वारा सही जानने लगे है सर-पहले हम समझते थे कि आधुनिक कला कोई कोका है लेकिन अब समझे बहुत तो चोर है और ज्यादातर मूर्ख भी। हिन्दी हमारी ज्यादा आधुनिक है। हिन्दी साहित्य का एक छोटा आदमी भी इनसे ज्यदा आधुनिक है। ;-)))

  2. points you made raises several question concerning control of culture history and culture itself. whole affair of art in this respect is non-democratic and seems to an affair of few traders.

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