Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | September 18, 2010

Islamic war machine

Map shows the territory own by three major khaliphas- Muhammad Sahab(khalipha), Rasuddin Khalipha,Umayyad khalipha .(ISLAM 632–732)!!

According to Deleuze it has been a religion of warfare. In Christianity the concept of religious warriors ( and the concept of Crusade) comes only after Islamic conquest of Christianity means after 850 AD as a counter strategy.  Islam has nothing to do with truth or god. It has been a military enterprise and territorial from the very beginning. if someone creates such religious  machines anywhere, in any form it must be deconstructed. if we want a democratic society we must negate organized religions. Even spiritual of this kind  is a war machine.

Here is a quote :

” The Prophet, as opposed to the state personality of the king and religious personality of the priest directs the movement by which a religion becomes a war machine.” –Deleuze



  1. सर यह तो बहुत बडी बात बात ईस्लाम युद्ध का धर्म है ईसायत ने भी काउन्टर मे स्वयं को एक युद्ध मशीन मे बदल लिया है। ये हिन्दू बेचारे या तो गुलाम बना लिये जायेग या खुद ही दास बनने के लिये राजी हो जायेगे। १५ सौ साल से यही तो कर रहे है। भारत को केवल वाम पंथी ही सही कर सकता है।

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