Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | September 4, 2010

Gerard Fromanger’s few works

Gérard Fromanger, Le peintre et le modèle: vert Aubusson

Only the extreme forms return – those which, large or small, are deployed within the limit and extend to the limit of their power, transforming themselves and changing one into another.

Gerard Fromanger,Corps a Corps, bleu, Paris-Sienne

Production for the sake of production – the obsession with the rate of growth, whether in the capitalist market or in planned economies – leads to monstrous absurdities. The only acceptable finality of human activity is the production of a subjectivity that is auto-enriching its relation to the world in a continuous fashion.

Gerard Fromanger, bastille-connexions

There are singular incorporeal constellations which belong to natural and human history and at the same time escape them by a thousand lines of flight.

Gerard Fromanger, Satre's portrait

a philosopher is not only someone who invents notions, he also perhaps invents ways of perceiving.


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