Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 25, 2010

Vietnam after Saigon falls

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

After fall of Saigon in 1975 Vietnam progressed immensely in every field.  This recent picture is from the city Saigon old name of Ho Chi Minh city. There are officially 5 million mototbikes in Saigon’s 6 million population. In just 35 years of liberation from the Imperialists almost every Vietnamese has a moterbike, its better condition than Delhi. In India after 64 years of independence 74% people are barely capable to feed themselves,  more than 55% people are below poverty line; who has grown and developed in all these years? its only Ambanis , Tatas , Aggrawals and Netas, robbers and thieves not people.!! I think India needs a fullflaged revolution like China and Vietnam to establish people’s democracy.

“We have a secret weapon…it is called Nationalism“.
-Ho Chi Minh


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