Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 25, 2010

An independent left!!

Zizek regards the world economic system as an order of structural violence that perpetuates material equality between persons, especially across the
developed/developing world divide. Zizek considers parliamentary politics to be a matter of management of the economic system through policy directions applied to the social world, particularly through manipulation of social solidarity. Zizek’s critique of liberal political ideology flows from these considerations, for he regards liberalism as a motivated distortion of the material interests at stake in economic inequality and political apathy. Finally, Zizek  thinks of the cultural products of the entertainment industries as fantasy outlets for the anxieties generated by radically alienated social and political worlds.

Given this what is the role of Left? Zizek regards the radical intellectual left as lacking the moral courage to challenge the hegemony of liberalism and therefore as acting effectively as a catalyst within reformism rather than an independent force.


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