Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 24, 2010

Dance of the death

Drothy Malons “dance of the death” in the film “written on the wind” is unique, sensational and philosophical. In her dance on the brassy sound of Latin Jazz whole thrilling scene unfolds. Shots of  Malon’s  frantic dance clash against shots of  Rabert Kieth, the actor playing Malon’s father, as he laboriously works his way up the mansion’s staircase , let go his frail grasp of the banister, and spirals down to the bottom of the stairs. Boundaries of life and death, rise and fall, have once more been scrambled in an impossible affective knot.  The moment is always different, but one thing remains constant.  Each time one watches, one is moved in his body and his senses. Oedipal significance in the scene is apparent. Thinking of it one is overwhelmed by another kind of emotion what……..?

मातरं पितरं हन्त्वा !!


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