Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 21, 2010

The case of learning

Duchamp's twine installation 1942

A new Meno would say : it is knowledge that is nothing more than an empirical figure, a simple result continually falls back into experience; whereas learning is the true transcendental structure which unites difference to difference, dissimilarity to dissimilarity, without mediating between them not in the form of mythical past or former present, but a pure form of an empty time in general.

Learning can not be possible with the representational logic of  instruction rather it is  always found in ones own encounter outside of thought. How to reach outside of thought through thought itself  is the real question.  For this a rigorous philosophical apprenticeship and a different kind of  sensibility is required.  There is a method for finding a treasure, a violent training, a culture, a paideia  which affects the entire individual. In India  there was a time when a distinguished tradition of learning existed but now its no more.  In modern times  India lost it while in west  the philosophical learning is  still  alive with the same spirit, somewhere they still pursue the old Greek tradition of learning.  I was reading a text of Derrida in which he remembers his gurus and their importance (especially Althusser) in his  own philosophical development, he tells us that in west tradition of  ancient philosophical learning is still alive.  Learning is truly a transcendental exercise which can not be acquired through  a sheer pragmatic  approach and without an accomplished Guru.  A guru is always needed in  this journey, a guru gives you a true method to acquire knowledge and realize it.  Without Althusser Derrida would not have been born.



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