Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 15, 2010

Know Engels taste

Question-Answer (Engels diary)

1- Your favourite virtue:                                                ?
2-In man quality:                                                       jollity
3-In man:                                                    to mind his own business
4-In woman:                                                 not to mislay things
5-Chief characteristic:                           knowing everything by halves
6-Idea of happiness:                                        Château Margaux 1848
7- Idea of misery:                                               to go to a dentist
8-The vice you excuse:                                        excess of any sort
9-The vice you detest:                                                  Cant
10-Your aversion :                                                    affected stuck up woman
11- The characters you most dislike:                              Spurgeon
12- Favourite occupation:                                 chaffing and being chaffed
13- Hero:                                                                        none
14- Heroine:                                                                   too many to name one
15- Poet:                                                 Reineke de Vos, Shakespeare, Ariosto, etc.
16- Prose writer:                                               Goethe, Lessing, Dr Samelson
17- Flower:                                                                    Blue Bell
18- Colour:                                                   any one not Aniline
19-Dish:                                                      Cold  Salad, hot: Irish Stew
20-Maxim:                                                                not to have any
21-Motto:                                                                   take it aisy

–F. Engels


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