Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 11, 2010

Universal Pimp

V.S Blodsow, Universal pimp series

“Money is the pimp between man’s need and the object, between his life and his means of life. But that which mediates my life for me, also mediates the existence of other people for me” . Money is the alienated ability of mankind.”–Karl Marx

Chennai based artist Blodsow’s painting titled  “Universal Pimp” is quite interesting, it renders all the four aspects of capitalism albeit say Imperialism that is money, war,  spirit and striation in all its subtlety. It speaks bluntly without fear that Capitalism converts everything into war, its language is of war– war of market, war of games, war of music, war of art as in Satachi show titled “Empire strikes back”..Empire’s ART! . Yes, Empire always strikes upon the head of the people. The folded Dollar becomes a missile carrying universal spirit of Lord Jesus, knowingly or unknowingly artist has painted a ship that could be interpreted as one of the symbol of Colonialism. It was the sea upon which Capitalists striated the striated spaces. Artist uses modern symbols like ship and missile in his painting to depict the power of striation,  air and sea  has always been considered smooth spaces that posses the greater power of deterritorialization.  It is  directional, eventual and filled with affects. Capitalism needs events because in it it creates noise, intensities, forces, and sonorous and tactile qualities to occupy and striae. Painting is about striation that is through money, war and universal spirit; behind the great business there is at work a spirit of war and victory. Missile and Ship is contemporary symbol of war and capitalist spirit of victory and when artist paints this master spirit as a Pimp it becomes a serious comment . Blodsow beautifully transforms missile  into a cross by stitching strategically upon it the word ‘universal pimp’ .  The spirit or the subjective essence of the Capitalism is a pimp that employs all kinds of cynical tactics against humanity.  Money is a subjective essence of capitalism- spirit of the spirit.  Money is a pimp so as  the capitalist playing with the capital.  Pimps are bad and of guilty conscience. Blodsow’s series looks as if it  is about the Pimp conscience of Capitalism.


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