Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 7, 2010

Angel and Devil

Bad drawing for Dost--Angel and Devil

[ Vivan Sundaram’s series of drawings titled ‘Bad drawings for Dost’ dedicated to his artist friend late Bhupen Khakkar was done in 2006 and exhibited in gallery Chamould. It was an emotional obeisance by an artist to an artist. In another sense we can say that this is also a post mortem discourse  on a dead artist friend by his  friend.  Drawings remind us that,  Dost is in him and already beyond him, in him but totally an other so that nothing he could say to him or touch him in infinite alterity. But Dost is now reduced to an image, to virtual-actual; he has been interiorized into memory who looks at him, stares at him and in a constant dialogue with him. These Drawings emanate from the memory of his dost as an another mourning perhaps.. –Rajesh]

He used to draw with an eraser, now here he is deleting.
What does he make of the market, of frames and margins?
–Walter Benjamin



  1. beautiful works and writing.thanks for these posts. I like your blog.

  2. nice obeisance. thanks for the post ji 🙂

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