Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | August 3, 2010

Horizontal und vertikal

Siegfried Zademack, Horizontal und vertikal 2007 Öl auf Leinwand

In commissioning works, the government and the city of Paris have both lost sight of their genuine aim–preserving the monuments that belong to them. And in so doing they have become a branch of the public welfare office, assisting as much as possible the majority of faithfully submissive artists. Since then the notions of monumental decoration seem to have been lost.
….since everything in nature, the organic and visual as well as the imaginative and mysterious has certain laws of relative size, it is necessary , in the field of decorative art, to establish clearly the size of surfaces to be field. The dwarf and the giant are both beings under and over the supposed average size. and through an absurd understanding of things, it seems to dwarves on gigants wall and at the same time giants in tiny apartments. so much so decorates houses of gigantic stature with little columns and mantelpiece busts or statuettes, while another man carves the Trajan war on a hazelnut or depicts one ploughman in field on a ten meter canvas….

–This is an extract of Paul Gauguin’s article ‘On the decorative art’.It shows how these masters were serious even to those things to which they were not much related .


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