Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 31, 2010

Irresponsible writing

Writing about a new artist Priyanka Govil Mr- Johny ML a young art writer writes on his blog that (Like many other I too asked her whether she any way related to Arun Govil, the actor who played Rama in the tele serial Ramayana, which had in a way helped to re-organize the extreme Hindu sentiments in India. She belongs to the same clan, but not related to Arun Govil) .…Now in his view Arun Govil is a fascist because he played a historic role in Ramayana ( that hitherto no one could play ) and like everyone in art he too expects that she ought not be anyhow related to this Govil clan as if it is an evil clan ;-). This kind of thinking itself is illogical and fundamentalist, that anyone who speaks and writes on Hindu subjects and acts in the films and TV serials based on Ramayana etc. is a fascist. For these people, especially in arts; he who believes in Hinduism is an extremist. According to these narrow minded people Ramayana itself is a fascist book,they extremely hate it, perhaps, because Hindus believe in it. Everything that Hindus believe in is a subject to hate. So called western minded progressives write too much on Hindu ghunghat (veil) and speak at length about women’s freedom on it but when the question of bourke comes they maintain their silence albeit they would come forward to preserve the bourke culture as if ghunghat was not related to culture!. Why concerning women’s freedom bourke is not oppressive and ghundhat is oppressive ? so called feminists won’t speak. In art feminists fuck too much in Hinduism, gunghat has been their favorite but on bourke feminism is mute. Bourke is sacred ‘Quoranic’ not Puranic. 😉

Actually, they never thought myth from an artistic point of view. Ramayana is a great poetic work and author has been able to raise every character of his story to the mythic level, he has been able to create a new reality for the people and people have accepted this mythic reality as reality. To raise an image to the mythic status,to make it divine has been a dream for philosophers and poets and contemporary philosophers and artists too aspire for it. I read an interview of sculptor Anish kapoor where he said, ‘ I want to create a mythic image’. Artists dream to create a mythic image, for only  mythic images survive the history and live in the heart of the people. One should only appreciate Arun Govil for his acting as Ram, because this is now impossible for any one to perform the character of ‘Maryada Purusottam’ so divinely. He has been able to move from one plane of consciousness to another i.e. from human to divine in the same character. His performance is historical.

But my question is, how Arun Govil helped organizing Hindu sentiments that culminated in Babri Masjid? what is the logic? how you will relate a TV serial that is religious with Babri demolition? If this is a truth, then every actor who is playing a role in Biblical films or Mythological films is doing the same i.e. helping fundamentalism!! (they must be banned considering ML suggestions) According to this logic Pasolini must be a fundamentalist director rather say a fascist one because he sentimentalizes Biblical story!! and every artist and all Renaissance masters who have painted religious themes are fundamentalist. …nice criticism dude.

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—Rajesh Shukla


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