Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 30, 2010

Mark Kostambi’s World Ddomination Tour


Excuse me, let me tell you something: When America opened up the floodgates and let all us Italians in, what do you think they were doing it for? ‘Cause they were trying to save us from poverty? No, they did it because they needed us. They needed us to build their cities and dig their subways—to make them richer. The Carnegies and The Rockerfellers: they needed worker bees and there we were. But some of us didn’t want to swarm around their hive and lose who we were. We wanted to stay Italian and preserve the things that meant something to us: honor and family and loyalty—and some of us wanted a piece of the action. Now we weren’t educated like the Americans but we had the BALLS to take what we wanted! And those other folks, those JP Morgans, they were crooks and killers, too, but that was the business, right? The American Way.

–Tony Soprano



  1. A fantastic piece of artwork and a really cool quote.
    Nicely done

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