Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 27, 2010

Revisionism and the Elephant

As I read this article, an image came into my mind. The image was of Mike Ely and a few others from Kasama sitting around a very sturdy table discussing the matter, perhaps over coffee or beer. On the table was a very large elephant. At one point Mike Ely referred in passing to “the so-called elephant in this room.” Otherwise the elephant was entirely ignored.

The elephant is, of course, revisionism.

By revisionism, I mean the promulgation of theories which claim to be Marxism but in fact have been stripped of their revolutionary character. Revisionism comes about because of the ideological pressure of the capitalists. ….

People wishing to understand revisionism could do no better than to start with Lenin’s article, Marxism and Revisionism. read  full   discussion at kasama project. [Kasama project is run by Mike Ely, he is an American Marxist and revolutionary not just a theoretician. His project has been a big support for Marxists all over the works .  ]


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