Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 26, 2010

Five things that I hate in art

An art work by Gogi Saroj Pal

Art is the process of a truth, and this truth is always the truth of the sensible or sensual, the sensible as sensible. This means : the transformation of the sensible into a happening of the Idea.

Five things that I hate in art

1- Copy works of any kind, at any length. At present it has varied faces.

2-Art without any philosophy and concept just as a crafty affair.

3- Reproduction of one’s own work that artists keep on doing for market shamelessly.

4-Judging artist’s all works with one yardstick both in artist’s evaluation of works and in sales.

5- When artists do art as a business not as art. For me art is a sublime activity and this biblical statement is completely true “as a camel can not enter the hole of a needle so as a business-men artist (say industrialist artist) can not enter the kingdom of art”

–Rajesh Shukla


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