Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 21, 2010

Sunrise by OP Sharma

Titled -Sunrise, 1976 by O.P.Sharma

To make geometry the basis of art is another thing and to take it to the limitless expanse of tantrik esoteric geometry is altogether different thing. Still I have not found any artist who really raises geometry to its esoteric limit. In OP Sharma’s works, geometry manifests itself as a substratum that incorporates everything in its wide expanse. In his geometry the way he opens the space is amazing and unique. His early geometrical landscapes are imaginative and spiritual, he opens something; the sunrise, the dawn, night, evening and many works exploring seasons are beautiful and different. No one has painted the way he painted landscapes though he did not evolve it. About his painting titled ‘Sunrise’ I have remarked years back that the burst of colors as energy is a symbolic expression of consciousness which is true for his works. Color sometimes becomes a form itself rising from the entire color field of his canvas. But as for as Geometry is concerned he could not go in its virtuality though he experimented with it in relation with color in his mandalas in his own way. In some works he achieves some spiritual aspects of mandala but not much satisfactory.

His mandalas have got though a distinct place in Indian contemporary spiritual art. In USA, Germany and Russia his art got wide recognition, He was the first neo-tantrik spiritual painter who exhibited in USA Germany and Russia. He solo in USA in 1973 was a great success. In this genre of painting Raza and Biren Da etc came later. What he was doing Raza started fifteen years later. I will not say that he is a great painter but he should be given proper place in art history specially in neo-tantric geometric esoteric art context.

-Rajesh Shukla



  1. I have to express my views about your last paragraph! In Germany Om Prakash was not alone. We were many artists each one equally faithful to his work/philosophy. For your information my conception of CENTROVISION based on Mandala is daed as 1970 which is documented in Berlin, London, Grenchen and Munich.

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