Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 19, 2010

I have no fate lines–Thanks God

, 1995

Navajot Altaf, I have no fate lines–Thanks God

Those who are afraid of truth go insane. Fatalists are insane, backward to the point of backwardness. Fatalists have not taken proper nutrition, proper diet; reason when not filled with illumined particles of wisdom it often takes irrational approach. Superstition is not a believe but it is reason that has gone insane. Fatalists posses a demon that always eats their believe in affirmation of life and says life is predetermined. by whom? then all the religious gods and goddesses would come out affirming themselves. If space is given they would take everything from the fatalists then they absolutely become blind. But there is another concept of fatalism in which one deliberately throws his life into an unknown movement of life thus taking a Promethean gesture. In it bad or evil is not taken as a threat rather is invoked. Pain is its theology. only great pain is the ultimate liberator of the spirit as in Nietzschean fatalism. Fatalists become fascists, their possibility is only fascism. Fatalists are evil.


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