Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 18, 2010

World as light

A Color photograph of  Adi Da’s-The Suit, the Spherical Tower

“My images are created to be a means
for any and every perceiving, feeling,
and fully participating viewer
to ‘Locate’ Fundamental and Really Perfect Light-

The world as light
all relations As Light
conditional (or naturally perceived) light
As Absolute Light.”

–Adi Da in ‘The world as light’

–Three years back Adi Da approached me for an article and I wrote an article on him for the magazine .  He was a rare combination of a  spiritualist, a philosopher and an artist. He was a transcendentalist in an altogether different way.  As a Photographer he was Amazing, his touch of Camera transformed everything, he knew how to play with images in the time and space and create some miracle.  Adi Da showed in his photography each view of space- in- time as a continuous circle of experience.  See  Adi Da org web and here his representative gallery that exhibits and sales his art.  You can read my old article here though since then my views on art and spiritualism have changed dramatically. It first appeared in ‘theenlightenedworld’  magazine then reproduced by many other magazines and websites.

–Rajesh Shukla


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