Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | July 16, 2010

Symbol Of Rupee

Well, Rupee joins the elite club of  five major currencies and there are celebrations on TV.  World is ready to accept this new face and adjust itself according to it. Economic times writes that Software vendors, including Microsoft Corp, are ready to tweak operating systems to make a small but critical change to recognize a new symbol in their software vocabulary. Computer users the world over will then be able to produce the rupee symbol with a keystroke or combination of keystrokes. Westerners will quickly learn to write it and use it  like dollar or pound, stock exchanges have already accepted it. Rupee symbol is sixth major currency challenging the existing five elites. I have a problem though with this word elite, what does it mean by elite currency club? are these currencies only of elites not of people! Anyway, The guy who designed the symbol is an IITian (already becoming elite) named Udaya Prakash, he has successfully listed himself in the history books and got 2.5 lakh as an award for his laborious design.

It is said that Rupee symbol is a synthesis of the word R written in the two languages Devanagari and Roman.  Unfortunately I do not understand the logic of this synthesis! Why Indian symbol needs Roman on its head? Why Indians have no confidence in themselves?  Why Indians can not make their independent Identity?. Devanagari with a good design was sufficient for the Rupee Symbol . Like a colonial slave this IITian guy puts Roman in it like putting in a sacred spirit and government which is a slave of everything western  accepts it as a symbol.  Undoubtedly, If  the Rupee symbol would have been designed by any artist it would have gotten a unique face but artists were not consulted. Anyway Rupee have got a new identity, it has been symbolized, elite-ized and properly marketized now.  But, every one should remember,is a fiery alphabet, it is hot in nature so metaphysically and materially it will be a threat for $,€,¥ and £.  I suspiciously wish though that it will have some affect on the imperial economic  powers in coming decades.



  1. your analysis of the rupee sign raises some interesting and important issues, i feel that your apprehensions about the sign could lead us to enlightening answers if they are thought through. The fact that the rupee has to float with a roman letter is a symptom of the indian economy opening up to the global markets. your questions about the fact that the rupee sign ought to represent mainly India will be clear from a review of the indian economy which panders to the west at the expense of everything Indian. As much as the rupee sign is a symbol of Indian ‘progress’ and ‘development’ it is a sign of bowing out of the waltz of the indian culture and offering a dangling hand in another floor.

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