Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | June 21, 2010

Bourgeois is a sinner

“Shakuntala” by Hari Lal Medh of -Lucknow, up

Bourgeois who exploits and destroys the nature for the profit is now nostalgic about nature. He cries Nature-Nature. After destroying the mother nature, they seek its blessings. They have no respect for the nature and beings, their thinking of everything revolves around profit alone.Their vulgar materialism is nihilistic,it destroys everything by objectifying it. Bourgeois is a sinner because they only extract profit from the nature and loka (people) without offering anything to them. We should think seriously on the nature of ethics that is prevailing these days and about the sheer pragmatism of bazzar that only teaches ‘profit’ without any obligation. I do remember Kalidas Sahakuntala-Kanva dialogue in which he teaches love for the groves under whose shadow she played and grown up.

Sage Kanva says :
O trees of the pious grove, in which the fairies dwell,
She would not drink till she had wet
Your roots, a sister’s duty,
Nor pluck your flowers; she loves you yet
Far more than selfish beauty.
’Twas festival in her pure life When budding blossoms showed;
And now she leaves you as a wife–
Oh, speed her on her road!

To this Sarangrava says:
The trees are answering your prayer
In cooing cuckoo-song,
Bidding Shakuntala farewell,
Their sister for so long.

Then Invisible beings. Sing:
May lily-dotted lakes delight your eye;
May shade-trees bid the heat of noonday cease;
May soft winds blow the lotus-pollen nigh;
May all your path be pleasantness and peace.

Her Mother Gautami then says “My child, the fairies of the pious grove bid you farewell. Pay reverence to the pious grove. Shakuntala does so by watering the grove and then she departs from the fathers home to her husbands home. Our Sages taught us how to live with nature in harmony. In Gita Krishna calls thieves to those people who take away things from the nature but don’t return anything to it.
bvv He says “Those who cook food only for themselves without offering it to the beings(nature from where it is taken away and the loka) is a thief. He cooks sin.-Gita” . In Hindu religion everything is Yajna, everything is in complete harmony with nature. The five oblations that a Hindu offers before eating is offered to the entire cosmos, this has been our sanskara embedded in our routine life that teaches us how to live with nature in harmony and grow together.
–>Painting titled “Shakuntala” by Hari Lal Medh of -Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh



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