Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | June 1, 2010

Louise Bourgeois Dies

A Great loss for Contemporary art world. French-born American sculptor Louise Bourgeois has died in New York, at the age of 98, this was the sad news for cultural people yesterday evening. Louise Bourgeois was a devoted artist who worked on her own line of flight, She had nothing to do with art trends. She was one of the great American expressionists, truthful and original. About her works one can not be judgmental, Its not easy to form one conclusion about her works. Her works are psychological, oh, yes, one of the best psychological sculptures by any American artist. Her work traverses Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, oscillating between abstract geometry and organic reality, escapes all attempts at artistic classification. Her richly symbolic and semi autobiographical works that emerged form her emotions and experiences are unique. Her works inspired many artists. In the very beginning of he carrier she declared “Painting does not exist for me” and she never returned to it. Only the physicality and materiality of sculptures would satisfy the artist in her. Her sculptures have two streams intermingled cubism and surrealism though surrealism plays the major role in her construction of the imagery. She has worked in wade range of mediums, including rubber, wood, stone, metal, tapestry and fabric. About her works art historian Marie-Laure Bernadac writes “this blend of the geometrical and the organic, of rigidity and malleability, of architecture and viscerality, (…) the metaphor of her psychological structure” unlike many other feminists she was not a propagandist. She portrayed the psychology of inner life of a feminine subject as she experienced.

Maman, by Louise Bourgeois,is a 30-foot -tall spider

The Spider that has become one of her important work in 90s came out from her life experience, she identified it with her mother. Louise was very close to her mother but she lost her at the age of twenty-one. As story goes , a few days afterwards, in front of her father who did not seem to take his daughter’s despair seriously, she threw herself into the Bièvre River; he swam to her rescue. She had a very emotional relationship with her mother. When ever she exhibited ‘The Spider’ it would accompany a text written by her explaining not only about work but also about the emotions and psychology that was active behind the work. She has written: “The friend (the spider, why the spider ?). Because my best friend was my mother and she was as intelligent, patient, clean and useful, reasonable, indispensable, as a spider. She was capable of defending herself.” The spider spinning its web is associated with the mother and her work of repairing tapestries. The artist associates her own work with a web of emotions and memories that she weaves and unravels and weaves again, like Penelope, in the course of a lifetime, explains another Critic. Her sculptures exploring women’s deepest feelings on birth, sexuality and death are influential on younger artists . She is no more with us but her works will always inspire us.

–>>>here is a review by HOLLAND COTTER


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