Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | May 15, 2010


In a world whose law is universal individual profit, the individual is nothing but a little beast enclosed in a self- preservation motif and indifferent to everything. This bastard bourgeois individual is merely surviving. This Individual’s ability to rise above things and to become a spectators is the real foundation of bourgeois humanism. The subjectivity of this Individual astonished Schopenhauer that “affection in the face of death, not only other people’s but our own, are frequently so feeble.” Human beings are without exception under a bane. But the attitude of being a spectator expresses at the same time the doubt as to whether this could be all there is, while nonetheless the subject, so relevant in its delusion, has nothing other than that poverty and ephemerality, which is animalistic in its impulses. Bourgeois society leaves no choice for the Individual. Under the bane, living beings have the alternative between involuntary ataraxy – an aesthetic of weakness – and the animality of the involved. Both are false life, as Adorno puts it. In bourgeois society Art and culture is not free from these conditions.

Bourgeois men anyhow want to survive, he wants to live at any cost. He would like to survive for this that reason, for this or that end,and he finds hundred of pretexes..he would not take his life. what happens when a terrorist hijacks an airplane? every one would be thinking the same, not to stake life (bourgeois sanskara of self-preservation is so strong) and four people would dominate 150 people (all would be waiting for some miracle to happen)………. “I want to live for what?” and what is human in it that survives like a beast? what kind of emotion and aesthetic sensibility this subject has that survives like a beast? whether he feels guilty after he survives, and if this survivor feels guilty how he is able to live?


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