Posted by: Rajesh Shukla | December 25, 2009

The Ister (Indus)

The Ister (Indus)
Now come, fire!
eager are we
to see the day..
and when the trial
Has passed through the knees
may someone see the forest cry ..
we, however, sing from the Indus
Arrived from afar and
from Alpheus. long have
We sought, what is fitting.
Not without pinions may
Someone grasp at what is nearest
And reach the other side.
Here however, we wish to build.
For river make arable
The land . however plants grow
And there, in summer
the animals go to drink
so human go there too.
This one however named as Ister
Beautiful he dwells. The foliage of column burns
And stirs. Wild they stand.

—Great poet Holderlin on the sacredness of the river Indus

NOTE–Holderlin sees similarity between Aryans and Bachhus of the ancient Greece. In one of his poem he very beautifully depicts the nature of ancient Aryans (Aryans of the Pre-Vedic age) and the Bacchus the children of Dionysus. There is similarity in the Heroism and the celebratory consciousness of both races.

1-He connects Indus and Ister and the two cultures. Bucchaus and Aryans both were the god of joys “polygethes’

expression —> For river make arable The land ( land of Aravali that Indus makes)


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